Colleagues of Rick Halperin, SMU Human Rights Professor, Don't Buy Nazi Accusations

Rick Halperin
A former student of Rick Halperin says she isn't buying accusations outlined in a federal lawsuit that he slept with students or secretly loved Hitler. SMU student Moumita Rahman, who graduated in 2004 and now runs her own law practice in New York focusing on immigration and political asylum, had Halperin as her academic adviser and served as president of the university's chapter of Amnesty International for two years. "I never felt any sort of impropriety from him," she said.

"I think that had I ever gotten that sort of vibe or any inkling that there was anything improper in his demeanor, I would never have been in any close positions with him," she said.

Halperin -- the SMU professor and director of the university's Embrey Human Rights Program, who according to his university biography has twice served on the board of directors of Amnesty International USA and twice served as the board's chair -- is accused of sleeping with students, running around his neighborhood naked and fetishizing Nazis.

Former SMU theology professor Patricia Davis last week sued SMU, claiming she was fired for bringing attention to Halperin's antics. The lawsuit claims that Halperin is "obsessed with Nazis," and this is evidenced by his possession of Nazi posters and interest in footage from concentration camps.

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SMU doesn't comment on pending litigation, and Halperin hasn't responded to request for comment, but professors and students who have worked with Halperin say they can't believe there's any merit to the claims. A colleague in the human rights program at SMU who shares many students with Halperin says the lawsuit contains many allegations that are "non-starters," and that a professor teaching courses on the Holocaust would of course be interested in material relating to it.

"You cannot teach the Holocaust without a little bit of propaganda," she says.

Halperin has been leading groups of SMU students and interested parties on tours of former concentration camps in Poland since 1996. Idean Salehyan, professor of political science at the University of North Texas, has known Halperin for seven years and considers the charges ridiculous.

"He's devoted his life to educating people about the Holocaust and human rights issues," Salehyan says, "and the extent that he has paraphernalia in his office or watches documentaries is for work."

Salehyan accompanied Halperin on last year's trip, where he learned that Halperin plans, on dying, to leave what money he has left to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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SMU settled. Are you going to report on that story?


I find it strange that if a man is charged with a crime it seems that liberals always want to try the crime in the press and on line. Why not do what a normal person would do and wait until the case{s} are presented to the court and the jury and the jury of his peers decides whether or not he is guilty or innocent? Sometimes what these so called do gooders/helpers do is stir up the jury pool and infuriate them to the point that they end up convicting someone who really should have been let go because they hated the actions and methods of the do gooders/helpers. These do gooders/helpers sometimes have the superior than thou attitude, a smart  attitude, or talk down to people or about people. Like saying how stupid someone who could believe this is, or how stupid can you be to consider someone like the suspect guilty.So before all you super intelligent collage types, and super educated people start doing your thing in support, consider who is going to be sitting in judgement of the person, you mouths, actions, can really do more harm than good.

This man's comments about people who support the death penalty and its implementation infuriate a lot of good people, the kind that sit on juries.He, in his support of letting killers live after some of the horrible and offensive ways they have killed others, tends to really cause the average person to think very poorly of him and wish he would shut up and go away. Well stir them up a little more and they have the perfect chance to strike back and even the score and put him "in touch" with the monsters he choses to defend. Sad, but very true.

Sometimes collage people and what is considered by a majority of "common" people as over educated people who do not understand the facts of reality that the common person faces in their everyday common life trying hard to make a living and support their families. When a killer acts and a common person, their family, friends, children are the victims they tend to want "payback' and the death of the killer[s] not the life of imprisonment in todays luxury prisons, with TV, recreation,good food, and other amenities, that the victims own "people" end up paying for.

So in conclusion, let common sense rule your speech and actions on this mater no your urge to rush to protect and support someone that you really do not know all the facts on or about. You just might be send him to live with the people he wants to save., Of course this is only from a common person so take it for what it is worth, it will save you from a lot of heart burn.


I worked with Rick a while ago on human rights and death penalty projects.  One thing I can say for sure is, he hates "Natsees".  In fact I cautioned him on throwing the label around too loosely.  In an interview he did a few years ago, Rick acknowledged that labeling people who oppose you politically or morally as Nazis is diminishing them to a sub-human status and that violates all his basic principles.  Since Rick is virtually blind due to getting gassed in Chicago in 1968, if he was running around naked, it would probably have shown up on Tosh.O  because he'd run into a tree or something.


i took a class from halperin, and the only thing he's guilty of is assigning a criminal amount of required reading.


Elaborate on the antics of Fat Patricia Davis, the Theology Assistant Professor.

Another claim made in the name of self-preservation, made by a fat cunt, that has been taken far too seriously.

scottindallas topcommenter

so what if he likes his work?  0

bmarvel topcommenter

@Steve Nice going, Steve. Your sexist and tasteless post probably just swung some sympathy away from halperin.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@Steve you know whats worse than being a fat cunt, a nazi apologist.

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