The SMU Community is Celebrating the Bush Library the Way College-Aged W. Would Admire

Try not to pee here.
Are you excited about the George W. Bush Presidential Center? We're so excited. Not quite excited enough to fight our way through the throng of ex-presidents and "Bush-Cheney Alumni" attending the dedication tomorrow, but pretty goddamn enthused nonetheless.

So, it appears, are a few SMU students and some random non-affiliated individuals, who are celebrating the not-quite-opened center in a style W. himself would have once appreciated: with a little (alleged) drug use, some drinking, and a round of exuberant public urination.

A glance through SMU's crime logs shows that the SMU community, and Dallas/University Park at large, started celebrating the Center rather early. Back at the end of March, a student was stopped outside the center at one in the morning, where the student was apparently drinking in public, and, as one tends to do, subsequently urinating in public. Then he or she showed campus police a fake I.D. Bad form.

That student was referred to the Student Conduct Office. So, presumably, was the student found urinating in George W. Bush's Presidential Parking Lot around 2 a.m. on April 13.

Then, last week, according to SMU's crime logs, a "non-affiliated individual" was stopped outside the center around one in the afternoon. He was found to have some unspecified drug paraphernalia, cited and released. The next morning, at 8 a.m., campus police came by again, only to discover that a gate arm outside the center was broken.

Guys. We know you're excited, and we're sure W. appreciates it. But try to rein it in a little, okay?

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primi_timpano topcommenter

Looks like a good site for the next 4/20 celebration at SMU.


Can we just turn off all the Goddamned Comment Sections ever, please?


The Bush Lie-Bury was just closed. Apparently, somebody broke in and stole the coloring book. Without a book it is difficult to have a lie-bury.

I would not go there to pee on the lie-bury. I would go there to pee on Bush who shit all over America.



College kids get drunk, high, and do stupid shit?

Now THAT's earth shattering news. Who knew?

ChrisYu topcommenter

i'm thinking there's a link between Clinton coming to town and Snuffrers getting purged.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

The commenter on the crime story on Singleton yesterday mustve been did get to the S's Singleton now SMU 

mcdallas topcommenter

<Insert comment about 

A) How people will celebrate Obama's museum - D@MN DEMOCRATS

or B) How this is to be expected - D@MN REPUBLICANS!

End with witty summation>


@ScottsMerkin Haha. Nah, the SMU crime reports are kept in their own separate place. But the real lesson from this week is not to travel on streets with "S" names or go anywhere near places crawling with old-ass presidents. 

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

oh shit, shoulda checked th bi line didnt realize you wrote this, I was trying to pile on eric lol.

obama gonna feel out of place with all the olds in HP and at SMU

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

good point, I was trying to figure out the bridge was closed

Montemalone topcommenter

@ScottsMerkin O is gonna be hanging with the hepcats in Kessler Park. That's why the Jefferson bridge is closed. Some bundler is getting a visit for her $million campaign contribution.

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