A Sandy Hook Parent Will Throw Out the First Pitch at Tomorrow's Rangers Home Opener

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Robbie Parker, at a Rangers game with Emily.
Emilie Parker, a tow-headed and ever-smiling 6-year-old, was gunned down on December 14 along with 19 of her classmates at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Her parents, Robbie and Alyssa Parker, have coped with her death by sharing their memories of her in the media and on Facebook. She was a vibrant girl, outgoing and happy. She loved art and, it turns out, the Texas Rangers.

Which is why the team announced this afternoon that her father will throw out the ceremonial first pitch at tomorrow's home opener against the Los Angeles Angels. Robbie's a native of North Texas who grew up watching the Rangers and took Emilie to games here and in Seattle and Boston. Pudge Rodriguez will be behind the plate.

Not the cheeriest of ways to open the season, but with it tomorrow offers a great opportunity for catharsis. The Parker family can honor their slain daughter. The Rangers and their fans can honor the victims of Sandy Hook. And for everyone, it's a chance to enjoy kicking the snot out of Josh Hamilton's new team.

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If I were he, I would take the mound, kind of stretch out, and remove my jacket to reveal my kevlar vest.

Gun owners are fucking cowards.


So.. where is the Auroa Colorado ribbons.. where are the fathers of the kids slain throwing out 1st pitch... look more into this guy and you will see he is not all who he claims to be

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

very nice gesture by the Rangers that was actually announced about 2 or 3 weeks ago.  I should be drinking beer in a parking lot out there right now, but unfortunately I could not secure tickets this year.  Guess Ill settle for listening to Nadel while working

primi_timpano topcommenter

Very kind gesture by the Rangers and a lot of guts for the father. We need to remember all of our slain children and never forget the horrors of how they died.


@ScottsMerkin When it was announced, the comments section of the ESPN Dallas article devolved into "ZOMG SANDY HOOK IS A FALSE FLAG OPERATION TO TAKE AWAY OUR GUNS AND OBAMA IS STILL A SEEKRIT MOOSLIN!!!1!".  Just sad.

Listening to Nadel describe the lead-up to the first pitch of first home game of the season should be required listening for all baseball fans.  No one verbally paints the picture of the scene like Eric Nadel.  The sights, the smells, the atmosphere...all covered in the 60 seconds leading up to that first pitch.  Just incredible.

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