Katy Trail Robber's Tale of PCP Addiction, "Purse Snatching" Fails to Win Jury's Sympathy

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Dominique Thornton
Dominique Thornton did not testify in his trial for charges that he committed a string of armed robberies along the Katy Trail last May. It probably wouldn't have done any good. He was IDed by victims as the gunman in the heists, and police found Thornton's thumbprint on a stolen purse they later recovered. He was convicted Thursday on three counts of aggravated robbery.

Thornton did take the stand during the sentencing phase of his trial. As the Morning News' Jennifer Emily reports, he pleaded with jurors for leniency.

His technique could use a little work. Thornton was more defensive than contrite, taking issue with the description of his crimes, saying they should have been classified as theft rather than "aggravated robbery."

"I don't call purse snatching robberies," he said according the Emily. Plus, he and his partner hadn't meant to steal things when they'd gone to the trail last May. "I didn't know the Katy Trail was until I got locked up."

Then he changed tack and told jurors that he'd been high on PCP at the time and that he smoked it every day, which no doubt seemed a surefire way to earn a bit of sympathy. But jurors were unmoved, sentening Thornton to 20 years on one of the charges and 25 years on each of the other two, all of which will run concurrently.

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They should have made them consecutive.  This guy is both stupid and a predator, a bad combo, and the rest of us are the prey.  Normal safeguards do not work with stupid because they cannot make logical cost benefit tradeoffs as in do not shoot someone for $5.  Very dangerous Homo Sapiens.  He won't stop robbing and hurting people until he is too old and weak to run after them.  He'll get out in 10-15 and will be right back at it.  Hopefully by then we'll tag these predators.  Does he get one or two strikes for this phase of his lifelong career of crime?  He looks perfect for a story in the news 15 years hence about a poor soul that gets life without parole for shoplifting a pair of sneakers. 

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