Texas Sues the Feds, Part Infinity: Greg Abbott Wants to Take Greenhouse Gas Challenge To Supreme Court

Last summer, Texas, Big Oil interests, the automotive industry and other assorted industrial polluters were dealt an unambiguous defeat in a legal challenge to dismantle greenhouse gas regulations. The Feds, a federal appeals court panel ruled, were "unambiguously correct" for setting limits on carbon dioxide and other pollutants -- an affirmation that greenhouse gases and the climate change to which they contribute are threats to human health.

Abbott and the other challengers claimed the data the court relied on might have been "manipulated" somehow, but the full appeals court declined to rehear the case in December. The win signaled a significant victory for climate activists (and future, Earth-dwelling generations, you might say).

Greg Abbott, the litigious Texas Attorney General who has turned the office into an outsize expression of his political ambition, is now appealing to the highest court in the land.

"Since Day One of the Obama Administration, the EPA has issued a barrage of overreaching and illegal regulations," he said in a news release. "In doing so, the EPA has not only ignored the devastating economic impacts of their regulations, but also ignored the laws of our land."

His petition to the U.S. Supreme Court argues, among other things, that the regulatory framework EPA uses to limit greenhouse gas emissions is "preposterous," absurdly strict, and, of course, "overreaching."

Given the fact that the Supremes themselves ruled that the agency had the authority to regulate greenhouse gases during the Bush years, we'll see how that argument works out for Abbott.

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primi_timpano topcommenter

I would think all these publicity oriented anti-government (does Abbott know he is a big part of the government?) lawsuits are ringing up quite a large legal bill.


I honestly don't think our Attorney General understands the definition of the word "illegal".  Except as it applies to skin tone, of course.


Welcome to 21st century capitalism. Do something super-risky to make $.50 today and assume you can sell fast enough to avoid the $100 losses tomorrow. 

In this case, Republicans assume they will be dead long before the worst of their sins come to head. But it's the same mentality, just far worse consequences.


Greg Abbott: Rick Perry without the winning personality.


"Leading the Fight to Protect Texans Constitutional Rights........Even the Ones I Make Up!!"


@primi_timpano Abbot should be directing his office in preparation to prosecute the 15 negligent homicides caused by the explosion at the Adair Grain, Inc. (d/b/a West Fertilizer) plant in West. Abbott's pursuit of frivolous litigation like this is a public distraction from his willful blindness to those official responsibilities and confirms to the honest services fraud modus operandi of many corrupt Texas government-employed "lawmen" (justices, judges, AGs and DAs) who are serving their masters at over-billing, unregulated attorney partnerships like Bracewell & Giuliani, LLP (where Abbott was and Kay Bailey Hutchison and her hubby Ray are partners); Baker Botts, LLP; Vinson Elkins, LLP; and many others.

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