In Wake of Medrano Family Voter Fraud Case, Herschel Weisfeld Wants Federal Oversight of May City Council Election

Herschel Weisfeld and Adam Medrano
It didn't take long for the District 2 City Council race to turn into a mud-slinging match, even if the mud has come from only one side. The first volley came last month from Herschel Weisfeld, who seized on Adam Medrano's refusal to discuss his sexual orientation to question his opponent's openness and honesty.

Yesterday, Weisfeld unleashed another barrage, suggesting that the Medrano family might seek to illegally influence the May election.

"I can't predict that because I'm not a fortune teller, but what we know is that the family has a history," Weisfeld said. "What it appears [like] is that they're doing the same manner of operation that they have a history of doing."

Specifically, Weisfeld is speaking of voter fraud. He points to the conviction last year of former Justice of the Peace Carlos Medrano, Adam's uncle, for illegal voting in his 2010 election and other rumors of electoral misdeeds by family members.

"I believe that the federal government needs to be watching the polling places," Weisfeld said. "I think the city right now, today needs to stand on honesty and integrity and truthfulness when it comes to voting."

For his part, Medrano seems content to let the family political machine carry him. He's deflected questions about his sexuality, which is understandable, but he's also been a no-show at candidate forums and has mostly steered clear of the press. Neither he nor his campaign manager responded to a request to talk for for this post.

This is not, of course, the first time that allegations of nepotism and corruption have been lobbed at the Medrano family. Weisfeld's predecessor in challenging the Medranos for the District 2 seat, Billy MacLeod, leveled many of the same critiques only to lose handily.

And Weisfeld echoed another point previously raised by MacLeod: the use of Esperanza "Hope" Medrano Elementary School as a District 2 polling place. It's named for Medrano's great-aunt which, Weisfeld insists, violates state electioneering laws.

He hasn't filed a formal complaint with the city secretary's office, but it probably wouldn't do much good, said Brylon Franklin, the city of Dallas' elections manager. MacLeod already tried that in 2011.

"The state saw no electioneering violations to that, so that's why we continue to use it," Franklin said.

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And Herschel Weisfeld mails out a political flyer ad to people in District 2 APPEARING he has The Dallas News endorsement, but in his quote on that flyr, he leaves out the word OAK LAWN, why?Maybe he doesn’t want all the people in District 2 that don’t read the news to know he is gay?

And then there still is a question if Weisfeld even lives in District 2: Todd Robberson, Editorial Writer for the News wrote on their blog yesterday… “million-plus real estate holdings, he lists a really badly maintained, trashy warehouse on Lear Street in southern Dallas as his residence. City records list the warehouse as an industrial property. I couldn’t find any permit or zoning change authorizing its use as a residence. Weisfeld had no explanation.”

Weisfeld claims possible voter fraud, when he himself cannot give an honest and direct answer himself.Isn’t that FRAUD too?

See: Don’t believe Herschel Weisfeld’s misleading campaign flyer


MikeLoVuolo, you are absolutely wrong and your idea of a 'fair' candidate is a joke. The entire Medrano family is as crooked as a barrel of snakes so if you expect us to take your candidate seriously, tell them to stop putting signs on empty lots without property owners permission, taking down the signs of their opponents on voting day at all the polling locations, and having dead people on their polls... THEN we might listen to your misled rhetoric.  Dallas is tired of corruption and it seems every time I turn around another Medrano has a position of power within City Council or City Hall.  All they do is hook up their own regardless of experience or performance.  Next thing you know Dallas officials will be working for the Mexican cartels just like cities in California that have already had their local municipalities taken over.  Why you think it is fair to have voting at an elementary named after one of the candidates family is beyond me, it is obviously a ploy and only an idiot wouldnt see through that.  The only people voting for Medrano will be Hispanics who are only voting for the name and people who see the signs they stick up wherever they want and dont know any better because they dont follow local politics.


P.S.  Medrano missed one Forum not forums plural.  He had a previously scheduled event that evening.  It's a grassroots campaign and he's going door to door and attending the Forums that fit his schedule.


Here we go again.  This always cracks me up.  Two candidates, Weisfeld and MacLeod, who run their campaigns mud slinging their opponents instead of running their campaigns on what they have been doing and what they intend to do in their community.  Most voters are going to vote based on a candidate's track record in their community and based on what they plan to do to move forward.

This article is so wrong on many accounts.  First of all the school is named after a relative of Adam's, not his great aunt-get your facts straight, because of the involvement that relative had in the city to make it a better place for people to live.  Secondly, the candidates assume because another relative, not his uncle-get your facts straight, was accused of something doesn't mean every other family member did the same thing.  Would I ever not vote for a for a family member of Billy MacLeod's based on his arrest record?  No, I would vote or not vote based on what they were bringing to the table.

It also made me laugh when I saw this article say that Medrano was allowing his "Political family machine" carry him.  Carry him where?  Medrano is running based on the fact that he has lived in the District his entire life and has volunteered and been active in the district his entire life. He didn't just move into the district to run for office weeks before filing to run like his opponent did.   He's helped make the streets safer, expanded after school programs and worked to get kids off the streets and involved in their community.  There's no political machine carrying him, he's walking from door to door all over the district talking to constituents while his opponent is just talking about him and his family.

I guess if I were running a campaign like Weisfeld is running his I'd want to change the voting location, Medrano Elementary, too.  Because he's wasting so much precious time he is assuming that voters wanting to vote for Weisfeld would get to the school and see it's called Medrano and they would change their mind at the booth last minute.  Get a grip.  He wants to change it so that people who vote at that location for years and years would get there and find it closed with a sign pointing them to another location and they would just decide not to vote.  That's called voter suppression and I can tell you, even if that happened I bet the outcome wouldn't be any different.

Get your facts straight before you run a story and maybe the candidate and his campaign would comment.  I'm sure they're out pounding the pavement and are too busy to comment on such stupidity.  Candidates with proven track records who work the hardest are the ones who win.


There is all kinds of voter fraud in Dallas.  You can thank ACORN for thousands of dead people they registered to vote years ago before they were shut down


Go spend your time knocking on doors and talking to voters. Complaining before the vote even happens won't get you a win.


With no speeches or forum appearances, I assume he is willing to let his time on DISD Board to speak for itself. Time to use that caveat stuck in ads by investment advisors that states previous performance is no guarantee of future results. We can only hope it is true with Mr. Medrano.


If the Medrano's had any ethical backbone they would request the moving of the polling place themselves and silence the criticism. 

If it were a Bush(or any white candidate) the only thing louder than screams of racism and gerrymandering would be the sounds of liberal heads exploding. 

Nicholson writes this as if there are nothing more more than 'accusations.' Well I'm sorry but a conviction for voter fraud is a bit more than just an accusation. Ok, it was just his uncle, we can't hold him responsible for that right? Well how about asking 'Do you really think someone who ran from a police officer should serve in public office?' rather than 'R U GAYYYYY?' 

How much shady shit can one political dynasty pull before people actually start demanding answers? 

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

" ... but he's also been a no-show at candidate forums and has mostly steered clear of the press. Neither he nor his campaign manager responded to a request to talk for for this post."

If it were any other candidate, the Observer and others would be all over the candidate like a mockingbird on june bug for not responding.

Just another example of the corruption embedded in Dallas politics.


@MikeWestEast What he is willing to do is let his race and his name get him elected by voters who don't give a shit if his ethics suck. 

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