Woman Said Her Boyfriend Kidnapped Her at Gunpoint, Made Her Get Drunk at a Strip Club

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When police arrived at 3:30 this morning, they found the woman sitting in an otherwise empty parking lot off Stemmons Freeway in Northwest Dallas, her face swollen and her upper lip bleeding. She was distraught and not a little drunk, and kept repeating "He's going to kill them! He's going to kill the babysitter and my kids! Please help!"

The people standing around her were strangers. They'd been there to watch a man run her over, his car dragging for 100 feet before she came loose and he drove away. They'd rushed to see if she was OK, then called police. They weren't sure what the woman was referring to.

Eventually, the woman, a 26-year-old from Fort Worth, calmed down enough to give the officers a narrative of the night's events. She'd been leaving her house at 11:30 on Monday night when her boyfriend, or maybe her ex-boyfriend (a police report doesn't specify), drove up and told her to get in the car. When she refused, he punched her, then put a gun to her head. Reluctantly, she stepped into the passenger seat.

They drove to Dallas, where he took her to Exposure Sports Cabaret and made her get drunk. The woman told police that she tried to signal to people in the strip club that she was a captive, but the boyfriend noticed first and ushered her outside, taking her phone so she'd leave with him.

At this point, the police report says the woman broke down and couldn't continue though, given that the strip club was two blocks from the parking lot where she was found, the rest wasn't difficult to piece together.

Officers tried to convince her to fill out a family violence packet, but the relative she had called for a ride showed up and she refused, saying she had to get back to her children. As she left, DPD had Fort Worth police check the woman's home. They arrived at 4:30 a.m. to find the children alone and unharmed. Both agencies are investigating.

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As long as Sandra Fluke gets her free birth control pills what difference does it make?


Now the bad news. In a fit of liberal megalomaniac hubris, failed social engineers at Microsoft and Apple have decided 'not' to include the device drivers for this printer. Bill Gates, ever the marketing whore, stated that these drivers would be made available as an upgrade, provided prospective users could provide iron clad assurances that they would not use their Microsoft products in any manner that either Mr. Gates or his Lackeys in the Administration might deem inappropriate.


It's my understanding that the new BMW 5 series has GPS tracking standard (against auto theft). A narrow focus of a 2013 BMW 535 (sure, Dallas is full of Douche's driving beemers, but really; how many can there be>) that were in the vicinity of LeVu (sure, I recognize that such clubs are about the only place beemer drivers can see lady parts that aren't harry) at the approximate time of the attempted 'murder'. Certainly this attempted 'murder', or a carefully crafted suspicion that this was some sort or terrorist assault, would warrant the necessary court ordered subpoena's to make this investigation happen. The more Douche's we can get off the road (and more likely off the SMU Campus) the better it will be for all of us!


I wish I had a dollar for everytime my friends kidnapped me and forced me to get drunk at the titty bar.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

Today, in our latest episode of: When good things happen to bad people.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

Well at least the story didn't start out as "At a mobile home park near Mesquite ..." although it might as well have.


"They drove to Dallas, where he took her to Exposure Sports Cabaret and made her get drunk."

 Is this a fact? 

The people in this story should hardly be considered credible, The events in this story should hardly be considered credible (run over and dragged and then rode home with a relative).

Do us a favor  and leave these people in Tarrant County and leave this reporting to the Ft Worth Weekly.

scottindallas topcommenter

Man, this story started with such promise.  I was initially reminded of a time when we kidnapped a buddy, and forced him to go camping at Big Bend with us.  We packed everything beforehand, except never got his hiking boots, so he had to hike with a pack in Bass sandals.  They, and he held up ok, and the only thing killed was a dog that we hit on the road to Ojinagua.  Our story is better, funnier, but I'd rather all the details weren't public.  So,.... I guess, advantage ME!


Um, I'm guessing there never was a babysitter, she got them to bed and then headed out to do whatever it was that she does.


CPS should also investigate this home.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@PersistentID2345 well sorry buddy, but they came to Dallas, so its a dallas story.  I know it sucks to have to realize that your town has the same shitty people that you think tarrant county has.



"When you stole that cow, and your friend tried to make it with the cow. I want to party with you, cowboy. If the two of us together, forget it."

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