Walmart Confirms Lease of Coit/Arapaho Site, Plans to Have Store Open by Fall 2014

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At an ungodly hour this morning (2:38 a.m.), a member of the new but active "Stop Walmart Spanish Village" Facebook group posted the lease, signed back in November, giving the Arkansas-based retail giant rights to the northwest corner of Coit and Arapaho roads for at least 20 and as many as 70 years.

This, as we noted yesterday, has been met with chagrin by many neighbors who dislike the idea of a sprawling big box opening next door.

Walmart might take issue with the term "sprawling." Company spokesperson Daniel Morales got back to us today via email and noted that, at 90,000 square feet, the location will be half the size of a typical supercenter. And there's little, outside of civil disobedience, that can be done to stop the store. The property is already zoned for commercial uses, meaning it won't get reviewed by the Dallas City Council.

That said, the company has scheduled a meeting next week with council member Sandy Greyson and plans to "use feedback from that meeting to determine how best to address neighborhood concerns," Morales wrote. In other words, Walmart may be willing to make some tweaks here and there, but the chances are exactly nil that the company will simply scrap its plans and walk away.

There's no firm construction timeline yet, but the company "would like to begin serving customers at this location in fall 2014," Morales writes. "Walmart is confident that this store can be part of the solution for folks who need a job or want more affordable options close to where they live or work."

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ChrisYu topcommenter

i'll be over at Judge Beans watching the dirt fly.


I agree 100% with Avi that Walmart is a horrible corporate entity and does absolutely nothing positive for any place it goes to, but am I missing something here? 

It appears this is an intersection with large commercial centers on three corners and a church on the other. The store going in isn't a big super center, although it is almost twice as large as the typical Albertsons. It's definitely not something that would be appropriate in the middle of a neighborhood but this is a typical Dallas commercial corner. 


Or they could Bulldoze everything and leave you with a large VACANT lot .


Hooray, can't wait for Walmart's fabled "job opportunities." I moved into the neighborhood for the quiet. Oh well. Can't wait for nightmare Christmas traffic.


Here's a tip or two for the residents around this new WallyWorld, from someone who knows...

- No matter what they tell you, don't believe a damn word of it. Don't ask for statements in writing either - waste of good paper and ink. And not anything you can hold them liable for.

- Ignore calls from their PR flack. He's a shill of the highest kind, and not trusted by any professional reporter in Dallas. He's paid to be a liar (hey, Sam, sue me!).

- Do not meet with their corporate representatives. They are liars too. (And they really don't like when you screw around with their logo)

- If there is anyone in the neighborhood now who supports this monstrosity, you need to shun him or her like the plague he/she carries. They will use that person(s) to their advantage every single time.

- Legally, there's nothing you can do about it. Financially, there's nothing you can do about it. Morally, well there are no morals here.

- When they assign a new manager to the store, make sure everyone in the neighborhood has his number. Call it every single time they screw up - during construction, after it opens.

And finally, remember those famous words of some military guy whose name I don't remember - BOHICA.

"Bend over, here it comes again."


It's purely an image thing.  If this were a Target (better marketed but nearly as reprehensible), no one would bat an eye.


@AviAdelman Avi, what exactly happened with that WM on Greenvile Ave? It seemed to sudden and out of nowhere. Though I suppose it was in the works and signed and sealed well before we knew what was going on.

But I had been transferred to a job in Houston all around that time, so I was out of the loop. I got back and there's all these great changes happening to Lower Greenville...and then there's this WalMart! Totally confusing.

Did the neighborhood assoc. not band together? I just don't understand how they let a WM in right there.


@titusgroan I live in this neighborhood and you are incorrect. There are more than enough grocery stores within a 3 mile radius, INCLUDING two existing Super Walmarts, a Walmart Neighborhood Market and a Sams.  I would be upset about a Target going in at that location because there is already one less than a mile away.  This location backs up directly to my neighborhood and Coit already has it's share of traffic before you add a huge store that is open 24 hours. The size of the proposed store is unnecessary. What the community would like and support are some local stores or restaurants at that location, not more of what we already have.


@McGee1 @AviAdelman  

The simple answers are -

 - Like north dallas, the zoning was legal, no argument there

- We could not stop it so we tried to work with it. The NAs got involved but down here they cut out the close-in neighbors who like me are within feet of the store. Of course, all hell broke out.

- The NAs welcomed it with open arms. I am sure in a few years when it is empty, they will be very sad. It's a financial failure, never a full lot (here it is the day before Easter and no one is shopping??.



@tarastrain Dollars to donuts says it was zoned commercial long before your house was built. 

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