Trinity East Appeals Plan Commission Defeat, Will Continue Fight for Drilling Permits

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Opponents to Trinity East's proposed natural gas wells line up to speak before the City Plan Commission.
City Council chambers erupted in applause Thursday afternoon as the Plan Commission voted to deny controversial drilling permits to natural gas producer Trinity East. It was a victory for drilling opponents, to be sure; it means the permits will take 12 votes to get past the City Council, instead of a simple majority of eight council votes.

Opponents to drilling along the Trinity River in northwest Dallas won for a few reasons. They won because they show up in force, meeting after meeting; because a majority of the Plan Commission is queasy about approving permits on parkland and in a floodplain that would require exemptions and special hearings that have yet to occur; and because it just doesn't think natural gas wells comport with the golf course and the soccer complex next door.

But Trinity East isn't about to roll over. It can't just walk away from the $19 million or so it paid the city of Dallas for its drilling leases from the city. In fact, as of Friday afternoon, the indie operator filed its appeal of the denial. It isn't completely out of moves yet.

"We want to go to the [city] council in April." says Dallas Cothrum, Trinity East's rep before the city. "They obviously can delay it, but we're going to ask them to."

The City Council can delay action on Trinity East's drilling permits, and it's a good bet they probably will with elections coming up in May. And the state requires a hearing before alternative uses to city parkland, where Trinity East wants to drill, can be green-lit. This seriously could drag on into the fall.

For its part, Trinity East's principals remain flabbergasted, if not by a defeat at the Plan Commission on Thursday, then at the very least by the general opposition that materializes every time the company appears on an agenda. There will never be, its managers say, a more low-impact operation than theirs. So what gives?

"The reason we chose this area is, it's most conducive to drilling. It's away from residential, it's away from populated areas," Trinity East President Steve Fort told Unfair Park on Friday. "The opposition wants us to move. Where are we going to move, a neighborhood? Because that's the only other thing available around here. We're in the best spot, and they always say, 'Why don't they move it somewhere else?' Well, I guarantee you, there will never be a spot they'll approve.

"They have two things: Move it somewhere else, and let's wait for the next study to come out. That's their mantra."

Trinity East is tight-lipped about what comes if they lose at City Council or if the coming election doesn't change the council's complexion. Mayor Mike Rawlings has said potential litigation is another reason why the city should issue the permits. Trinity East won't countenance the question, but it doesn't look like a small operator is going to leave that kind of money on the table either.

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How do you identify an illiterate, ignorant racist on the CPC?

This is directly from the website :

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 

Once Again ,I Allowed Politician To Shock Me ! 

I knew back last year when the members of DFW Airport Board said no, to Mayor Tom Leppert and Dallas City Council,we had hell to pay. I also knew if I did not say ,no ,to Lepperts desire to take $43 million dollars from a DFW Land sale it would harm DFW in the worse way.I knew my future service on board was at risk due to direct threats.What the Dallas members did was  stand for what was right and legal.

You see it goes like this, 36 years ago Dallas and Fort Worth put money in a pool to buy 18,000 acres of land to develop a regional airport ,because the Federal Department of Transportation told Dallas & Fort Worth they would no longer fund both City Airports,they must agree to close their airports ,and join hands in One New Airport.Both Cities agreed.Cities brought land and sold bonds and started Airport.DOT also put large sums of money into the regional airport,that was purpose of Wright Amendment to protect Cities investment.The past 36 years DFW Airport has operated with out any local tax money ,and has managed to pay Cities back some of their origional investment. Both Cities knew they could not draw any money from DFW other than that investment,any other money from land or gas sale must go into construction fund.

When DFW sold natural gas lease Dallas and Forth Worth were paid $19 million dollars,that money paid Dallas and Fort Worth in full all money they put up for land years ago . That payment meant the secondary rule kicked in, no other money from land or gas sales could any longer be paid to Cities.
Tom Leppert was told or dreamed that if the DFW Board agreed to Cities receiving money from land sale it would be OK ,for Dallas and Fort Worth to get money for their general funds.
What Tom Leppert was not told or did not care was that if DFW board dared to say that it was against the rule and DOT would not have approved the transfer,DFW board was also told that , if Board was willing to give much needed money away ,we could forfeit our rights to future government funding for DFW Airport.

The Board was put in a legal conflict with the Owner Cities and our legal Counsel was representing Leppert and Dallas City Council and had thrown the DFW Board under the bus.

The new selection process put forth by Linda Koop ,after she convinced ,New ,Mayor Rawlings that there was a problem with current selection process, when she knew the only thing wrong was we would not do wrong ,and violate Federal rule so Dallas could put money in their General fund and not raise Tax so Leppert could run for Senate. Dallas has ability to tax and they should use that for City budget not steal from other government agencies.

After Leppert summoned DFW Officials down to his office in City Hall and tried to force them to sign letter committing Board to giving Dallas money ,and they refused saying,they could not sign without getting Board approval,he said if Board want to continue to serve they will say yes.This man said this in the presence of witness in City hall.Board had meeting Mayor Moncrief withdrew Fort Worth request for part of money ,and Board did right thing according to law and rule.

After that day ,when the Board was without legal representation because both City Attorneys were supporting their Mayors grabe for money the Board discussed hiring our own legal counsel,Dallas City Counsel came unglued,I ask a few why,the answer was" we want to know what is going on out there" how could 15 grown people be that petty,the number one economic engin in this North Region is DFW and Dallas City Council wants to know what is going on,that's the reason Mayor serves on Board, how much more do you need to know,I give them quartely reports on DFW.

In conclusion the action taken by Dallas City Council has violated their own ethics policy DFW bond ordianace and operation agreement.They have taken the power from City Council ,and given to Mayor who appoints Transportation committee and Chair.Ron Kirk gave power to Council when he was Mayor,Rawlings took it back.

I also knew when I was made Chair of $ 29 billion dollar Terminal Redevolpment Committee ,White folk in Dallas, would go crazy,because they can not get special favor from me.

Well now you have truth,process was changed because we would not violate Federal rule,and we want DFW to have independent general Counsel ,so we the Board will have legal coverage next time City of Dallas decide to steal money from DFW.

I served 8 years on board before two years as Chair,I have nothing more to prove .Under my leadership I achieved something all the White businessmen could not,Tax sharing agreement with surrounding cities and State law change to be able to collect money,also new people mover system and new International terminial,I'm not sure what accountiability Koop and Rawlings are lookinf for ,my record speaks for itself and now that Mayor and City Council had shown to God and everyone that to serve on DFW board you have to kiss the Kings ring,when my term end, I have no desire to be reappointed again to any board under Dallas City Council I will not go to prison.
My one regret is, I did not report the threat to the FBI at time it happen, maybe its not to late.

(correct any grammer or spelling)

If you go to her website there is a LOT more just like that. Betty is a complete disgrace to Dallas, and she should have the decency and good sense to resign her seat on the CPC, but doing so would take integrity, and Betty has no integrity.

primi_timpano topcommenter

Are there bonding requirements for drilling in Dallas?  As a small independent company, its ability to obtain bonds may be questionable.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

The opponents of the drilling did not win because they show up in force at meeting after meeting.

They won because the CPC is a group that does follow the laws and ordinances governing their activities.

The CPC cannot approve an SUP for this activity because of the ordinance prohibiting this activity on city park land.

The CPC's decision to deny this SUP was entirely the correct decision.  According to the city ordinances, charter and state law, one of two things must happen.  One is that the city repeals its ordinance against drilling in park land; or, two, the city council overrides the CPC according to ordinance.  If the ordinance repeal is done, then the CPC could grant an SUP.

I wish people would quit reading more into things than actually exist.


Sorry but this is a done Deal  .It was done in the name of the City by someone who was in a position to make such a deal  IN THE NAME of the CITY.   The majority of the council saw nothing wrong with how it was done. Money changed hands  Let them drill .


Frankly, we can only HOPE that the Council agrees to hear Trinity East's "appeal", which is not even an "appeal" at all since the CPC vote automatically goes to the City Council where it will either be upheld or overridden, before the May election. As of right now, we think we have a lock on at least 4 City Council votes, and that is all we need to continue the CPC denials. Things may or may not be different after the May 11 City Council election and seating of the new Council members on June 25.

Message to Steve Fort - we do not want ANY part of your heavy industrial project in our residential areas, city parks or floodplains. We thought that we had made that abundantly clear over the last 3+ years. Did you not get the memo?

Your process is dirty, polluting, wasteful of far more water than we can ever afford to give up, disruptive of our recreational uses of the Luna Vista Golf Course, Elm Fork Shooting Sports gun range and Elm Fork Athletic Complex soccer fields, will possibly pollute the Trinity River, which is the principle drinking water resource for over 50% of ALL Texas residents, will create at least the 10th largest source of stationary air pollution in the entire city, will pose great health and safety threats to kids at North Hills Prep School,  and will create an explosion and fire hazard that could adversely affect many local businesses, residents, streets, highways, public parks and other properties.

Trinity East is NOT wanted here. Go somewhere else to pollute! In the event you have not noticed, opposition to your project is growing by the day, and you are spending money you don't have  fighting a battle you probably cannot win. If you want to sue us, then "git 'er done!" We would LOVE to see this issue go before a judge where your hysteria and false claims would be viewed by a judge and ruled upon according to laws and ethical legal procedures. We would love to see all the documents pertaining to TE agreements with City Hall exposed in the public record. Somehow, I don't really believe that is what any of you guys or City Hall wants to happen for obvious reasons that could include fines and prison time for both city officials and TE officers and agents.


You can't put a large source of hazardous air pollution (their gas compressor station) next to the Elm Fork Soccer Complex and call it "low-impact." The fundamental problem is they want to put industrial, polluting operations where people enjoy outdoor recreation areas.


Gee, I think you should have let the "opponents" speak for themselves, rather than have the company put words in our mouths and assign incorrect motives to our actions. Y'all have our phone numbers.

To Tom Blanton: As Mary Suhm ( you're partner in crime has stated repeatedly) this lease agreement was a NON BINDING agreement. So, get over it Tom. There will be no court date, as neither side wants to be forced to reveal what is actually in the agreement.

 If Mike Rawlings delays the Chapter 26 hearing and/or the actual City Council vote until after the May 11 elections, then he will have sealed his fate on which side of the issue he stands. He has a choice to be a protector of the gas industry's abusive practices and defender of Suhm's secret deals, or he can stand on the side as being the protector of North Texas environment. This will be a legacy vote. It always comes down to choices. It's time for him to choose.

holmantx topcommenter

No guarantee is not at issue.

It is the letter promise by the City Manager and her staff to facilitate the process, and her immediate actions to thwart that process which ARE at issue.

That letter did not fall down from the skies. It was not an act of selfless kindness.

It was a required inducement to motivate a company to convey $19 million it otherwise would not have considered.

I just don't think "we cheated 'em fair and square" is going to work here.  TE has recourse.

And everyone (including the council, the mayor, DCC, the DMN Ed Board and the activists) ends up supporting her, so the only way to get rid of her is to drag this whole mess into court and cost the taxpayer millions.

We cheated them out of their money and laugh. hiding behind the fact that No Guarantee was in the contract but ignoring the letter promise by the City Manager which sealed the deal and got the money.

This is called Bad Faith.

Suhm signed a lease agreement with the company on Aug. 15, 2008, The same day, Suhm signed the letter pledging to help Trinity East win council approval to drill on the 22-acre tract. 

Five days later, at a public briefing, she again confirmed that it was not the city’s intent to put parkland at risk and sat silently as Duebner said there would be no surface drilling on parkland.

“Why didn’t you stand up right then and say, ‘Council members, I want you to be aware that five days ago, I pledged my support and the support of my staff to make all reasonable efforts to assist in creating a drill site on city of Dallas parkland?’” Hunt asked.

Suhm needs to explain this to a judge and jury.


@primi_timpano ALL drilling permits in Dallas have to have multiple bonds to cover everything from damage to roads and bridges to city property damage to private property damage to injury or death of a human being, as well as performance bonds.

If you read the Dallas Development Code gas drilling ordinances all bonds that are required are spelled out in detail as to bond amounts, what type of companies are required as bonding agents, how long some of the bonds must remain in force and effect and other stipulations. It is all laid out in great detail.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter


An operator has to have a bond with the RRC as a condition of their P-4 permit.  This bond depends on the number of wells that an operator has.  The purpose of the bond is to provide the RRC funding to plug a well if the operator abandons it.


@ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul I wish that you actually knew what you are talking about, beause almost everything you said is false and erroneous. You don't even have a clue about this proess beause you have not been involved in it.

Do your homework, and then get back to me.


@holmantx You really are too dense to ever understand the FACTS about this issue, so you keep on making statements and asserting future actions that will never take place. You just don't get it. I am beginning to wonder if you work for either Trinity East or Masterplan Consultants because everybody else seems to understand the true facts. If you don't work for Trinity East, then you should see if you can get a job as their head cheerleader.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

@director21 @ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul  

Gee, director21, thank you for opening your mouth and removing all doubt in my mind that you are an idiot.

How do you know that I have not been involved in it?

It is indeed a shame that your knowledge of the rule of law is seriously lacking.

Good day, Sir.


@schermbeck @oakclifftownie . Facts ? Heck most of the facts about this are still coming to light. 

Those facts you speak of are those the ones involving  documents plans and drawings being RELEASED BY THE CITY OF DALLAS ?  And with that kind  detail involved they sure seem to support the idea that drilling and processing the Natural gas was a signed sealed and delivered deal .

We have been sold down the Trinity !



@ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul @director21 If you had attended any of the MANY City Council and CPC meetings on this subject since 2010, then you would already have that information. I have been at ALL of them, as well as the Task Force meetings. The information has been presented to the appropriate city officials in numerous public hearings, as well as in writing. It has been discussed on this very forum ad infinitum. Try paying attention.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

@director21 @holmantx  

director21:  When ever some one states an opinion contrary to you, or disagrees with them, you start the ad hominen attacks that they work for an oil and gas company or some other organization that wants to implement this project.

When are you going to 'fess up as to who you work for?

Based on your post above, it appears that your are nothing more than an anarchist who wants to stop this project, all oil and gas development and take us back to eating berries while living in cold dark caves.

If that is the case, then I suggest that you go put your hairshirt on and go live in a cave.

If you participate in  society in anyway, then your opposition to oil and gas development is nothing but hypocritical.

For the record, I am disgusted with the way that the City has handled this project and for that reason I am against it.  Just because I am against this project does not in any way, manner, shape or form indicate that I am in agreement with you on anything on this subject.

Good day sir.


@ScottsMerkin @director21 @ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul Let me be perfectly clear - I am not in favor of ANY drilling in an area where millions of people live, work and play. I am especially opposed to ANY drilling in parks, on golf courses, on gun ranges or at other recreation venues.

If drillers want to drill, then they can go off by themselves where they will not negatively impact human health and safety, reduce our property values or cause environmental harm to our water, air and soil.

I do NOT oppose drilling. I oppose drilling where the negative impacts on the many are sustained for the profits and benefits of the very few.

You assume that the ONLY options are drilling for oil and gas in densely populated areas. Here is a clue for you - until about ten years ago that was NEVER done, and yet we had more than 150 years of oil and gas production.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

@RTGolden1 @ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul I'd be glad to provide references for my statements.  The rules of procedure for the CPC are readily available from the city and they have also been reported here at UnFair Park and in other medvenues.

Thank you for the compliment.

I have wanted to stay out of this debate.  Where I have commented it has generally been on procedural matters.

For the record, the reason why I am against the project is because of the way the City has handled it.

RTGolden1 topcommenter

@ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul I love this thread!  Neither side is presenting any sort of corroborating facts for their arguments.  Just some of that good old "my dad is smarter/bigger/better than your dad" argumentative policy from the 2nd grade.

Paul wins on the technical score because his argument remained civil and polite.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@director21 @ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul so director, you cool with the well in your backyard?  Bc if they dont put it in the parkland, your neighborhood or neighborhood like yours are the only other options.  But we all know this isnt about where to drill, its really about not wanting them to drill at all

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

@director21 @ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul  

Thank you for your comments.

Please go back and reread my original statement.  Please let me know when your reading comprehension has improved.

Have a good day, Sir.


@ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul@director21Obviously, I know one hell of a lot more about the law and this process than you!

IF the City Council modifies the ordinances removing restrictions and prohibitions against drilling in floodplains, and IF the City Council modifies the ordinances removing restrictions and prohibitions against drilling on public park lands, and IF the City Council holds a mandated TPWD Chapter 26 hearing in which it legitimately finds that there is "no feasible and prudent alternative" to drilling on the surface of the park (which cannot be done since horizontals have already been drilled as much as more than 9.3 miles away from the vertical well bore, and they are commonly drilled 1-5 miles from the well bore), and IF the City Council omes up with 12 votes to override the CPC denials, then the matter never goes back to the CPC at all.

Your level of understand is woefully lacking in accuracy and fact. And, if you have been involved, then you have not been paying attention because we have argued and won 100% of every fight that has happened since 2010, and it IS because of us and our arguments that the CPC followed the law. Without our pointing out the law to them that never would have happened. The City Attorney told them that they COULD legally vote for things that are prohibited by existing law!

If I am an idiot, then I gues that makes you an imbecile, because my knowledge and understanding dwarfs that of yours.

Thank you for playing!


@ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul @director21 No, that is NOT what you asked, and if you had been clear about it, then I would have given you a clear answer.

According to the Trinity River Authority, THE experts on the Trinity River, over 50% of ALL Texas residents have the Trinity River as their principle source for drinking water. You an confirm this by calling TRA and asking them.

According to published numbers for stationery air pollution sources in Dallas (from TCEQ) and the claims made by Trinity East as to how much air pollution would be emitted from their planned compressor facility, their admitted amount of pollutants would make the TE compressor facility the tenth largest polluter of Dallas air among ALL stationery pollution sources. You an consult Downwinders at Risk for confirmation of these numbers.

We have all carefully researched our statements before making them, unlike most who are pro-drilling. We find it unproductive and detrimental to our arguments to make false or erroneous claims. We've been doing this on the gas drilling issue in Dallas for about four years.

I defy anybody to show me a factual error in anything I have claimed. I do NOT accept industry refutations as 'fact" because they are NOT fact. They are propaganda.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

@director21 @ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul  

Director21, your reading comprehension appears to be woefully lacking.

I did not ask where you have been or what you have said.

I asked for references on your claims that 50% of Texans get their drinking water from the Trinity River as well as that 10th largest stationary air pollution source.


@ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul @director21 @holmantx For the record, if you review the history of these discussions I did NOT start out with ad hom attacks. Those only came MUCH later when it became obvious that I am either discussing these issues with people who have a vested interest in denying the truth and facts, or else I am discussing them with people who lack the comprehension to understand what they are told and the intellectual curiosity to investigate for themselves so they can learn the true facts.

It is immaterial as to whether or not you are in agreement with me about anything. What IS material is that the majority of the city decision makers have agreed with the points I have made and have voted to stop the issuance of any permits paving the way for drilling in Dallas.

I have no doubt that you are a legend in your own mind, and that you think you are making logical and legal arguments, but you are not. You are making arguments based upon innuendo, your own opinions and what you wish were the facts. If you actually listen to the dialogue among Commissioners and Council members, then you will find that most of them have, so far, agreed with me more than with you.


@oakclifftownie @director21 @ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul @holmantx They can try, but no judge is going to rule in their favor, and they know that. Both CEO Blanton and President Fort are attorneys. They know what was written in their leases. They know the leases specifically stated that drilling permits were not imminent or granted, and that they might never be granted because drilling in parks and floodplains is prohibited by existing laws and ordinances.

However, TE has the right to invest however many millions they want to spend going to court to try to convince a judge that the leases do not say what they actually say, and I will be there to hear the case if and when it comes before a judge.

Personally, I do not think those guys are stupid. They have tried a bluff that has not worked. It was a good effort, and had it worked, then they would be home free. They never expected that a very informed, well educated, unorganized and unpaid citizen opposition would outflank their well funded corporate structure, but we did.

We started learning about this issue in 2009, and we have been fighting it since the first XTO SUP application was filed in 2010. Since then, our knowledge and experience has grown exponentially. It has been US that have educated our city leaders. Without US, none of what has transpired would ever have happened, and we would have gas wells, compressor stations, refineries and transmission pipelines all over western Dallas right now!

Say, "Thank you!"


@ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul@director21@holmantxQuoting you, "

Based on your post above, it appears that your are nothing more than an anarchist who wants to stop this project, all oil and gas development and take us back to eating berries while living in cold dark caves.

If that is the case, then I suggest that you go put your hairshirt on and go live in a cave.

If you participate in  society in anyway, then your opposition to oil and gas development is nothing but hypocritical."

You assume too much of what you do not know, and that is your major problem. Most of us opposed to drilling in Dallas are NOT opposed to "all il and gas development", and we are certainly not brain dead enough to tink it can all just be stopped immediately because re recognize that there are no available alternatives at the moment. There could have been if not for Reagan killing all alternative energy development funding in 1981, but that is what he did, so here we are.

We do NOT believe is is intelligent, safe or healthy to drill for oil and gas in heavily populated areas. Fort Worth, with its inexcusably higher childhood asthma rates that dwarf national standards, is proof positive of how citizens suffer when drilling is done in populated areas.

We do NOT oppose oil and gas exploration. We oppose oil and gas exploration inside the City of Dallas, and especially inside city parks on golf courses, at gun ranges and adjacent to soccer fields, especially when a planned compressor facility and gas refinery would be located just 600 feet from where kids would be playing soccer and where they would be exposed to 75-300 tons of hazardous air pollutants per year (if ONLY three compressors are built there), as well as the dangers of explosions and fire hazards which occasionally occur at compressor facilities.

We do not think it is unreasonable to oppose drilling in our city. T. Boone Pickens once stated that "Nobody will ever make any money drilling for oil and gas in Dallas." There are currently ZERO oil and gas wells in Dallas. Why is that? Probably because those industry giants who COULD have done it long ago realize it would be a losing effort.

Trinity East could care less about drilling wells. Their unstated objective is to build that compressor complex and refinery to process gas from Lewisville, Farmers Branch and Irving wells and send it to the Atmos commercial pipeline. THAT is why they want these SUPs to pass. They would probably sink a well or two in northwest Dallas just for show, determine that not viable flow would occur, and then abandon drilling, but once that compressor facilitiy gets permitted it becomes a "public utility" over which the City of Dallas has ZERO control, and THAT is what we want to prevent.


@director21 @ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul @holmantx @ Director 21 How about this idea  We are beyond the Gas plant and the drilling . Now it is time to figure out if Trinity East has managed to turn the dormant lease into a mini Spindle Top using the city budget as the well head . With out ever moving an oil rig onto a pad site .


@ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul @director21 @holmantx I do not need to include those things - you are doing that well enough by yourself!

We have had to endure TE CEO Thomas Blanton standing before city officials and flatly lying through his ass (mouth - same thing) about how his planned compressor complex/refinery, which he claims is NOT a refinery - they are just going to remove a few impurities from the gas before it goes onto the commercial pipeline - will serve ONLY the TE gas wells on the golf course and gun range at L.B. Houston Sports Complex and adjacent to the Elm Fork Athletic Complex in northwest Dallas. 

Yet TE President Steve Fort, in a DO interview conducted by Leslie Minora last year, stated that the northwest Dallas compressor complex and refinery is the centerpiece of their regional master plan, and that they would not even drill their planned wells in Irving and Farmers Branch unless the Dallas project is completed, and that, in fact, without the Dallas project TE might not even survive.

Now, I ask you, do YOU see any contradiction between those two statements? If not, then this discussion is over because you are not capable of understanding the issues and the facts.


@ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul @director21 @holmantx I am a self-employed web designer. I do NOT work for, nor receive any compensation in any form, from any company, group or organization on either side of the drilling issue.

I am a native Dallasite. My only vested interest is that I have to drink the water, breathe the air and eat food grown in the soil that the oil and gas industry seeks to pollute and contaminate for the sake of shareholder equity and corporate profits. If that bothers you, then tough shit!


@holmantx @director21 Obviously, you are the idiot. The facts have been published ad infinitum, but you lack the comprehension to understand them, so you keep on citing your opinion which is NOT fact based.

Thank you for the romantic overture, but I think I will decline the offer.

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