Tony Romo Now Reportedly the Highest-Paid Player in Cowboys History

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Tony Romo is a flawed quarterback. Talent-wise, he's on the cusp of being one of the NFL's elites, but he has the unfortunate tendency to meltdown in key, late-game situations.

But you have to give the man one thing: he (or, more accurately, his agent) is a helluva negotiator. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports this afternoon that Romo just signed a "blockbuster 6-year extension worth $108 million, making him the highest paid player in franchise history." This per unnamed "league sources."

That's a helluva lot of money, a bit too much I think. Then again, there aren't any available QBs better than Tony Romo. That's apparently what this guy was thinking:

The overall reaction to the news, though, can probably best be summed up by this guy:

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It isnt that he has a good agent. The guy just got lucky with the timing. They HAD to extend him so they could free up some money under the cap to sign some players. Yesterday they were about 3 dollars under the cap. Now they are 5 million under. The same thing goes with Anthony Spencer. There were no alternatives. A six year deal for a 35 year old qb doesnt sound very smart but they will just end up releasing him before he gets to the end of the contract.


I don't know a lot about football , but the ribs they serve st his restaurants are nothing to write home about.


@MariaB  True, but I hear are they called...some kinda oysters or another... are HUMONGOUS!

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