More than 270 Dallas ISD Teachers Resigned this Week, Cashing in on the District's Bonus

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This week, Dallas ISD's Ross Avenue headquarters was hit with a flurry of teacher resignations, with 279 rank-and-file educators telling the district they were calling it quits. This minor exodus had nothing to do with teachers' well-known frustration with Superintendent Mike Miles. This was policy.

Yesterday was the cutoff for receiving the $750-$2000 bonus available to teachers who announce their retirement or resignation early. The idea is to give DISD the opportunity to better prepare for the 2013-2014 school year and avoid the situation it faced last August, when it faced a glut of 350 teacher vacancies.

The district had budgeted $1 million for the incentives, which will be more than enough to cover the $412,500 expected to be paid to the departing teachers, according to DISD spokesman Jon Dahlander. DISD trustees had previously reduced the maximum bonus from $3000 just out of concern that teachers would take the incentive who had otherwise not planned to leave

The highest amount is available to teachers with 16 years or more of experience. Any teachers who announce their resignations during a second phase, March 18-April 10, can receive $500-$1000.

DISD offered similar incentives back in 2011. Over 700 teachers, principals and counselors took advantage of announcing their resignations early, then receiving much as 15% of salary, up to $10,000. DISD offered those incentives ahead of massive budget cuts. $7 million was set aside for those payoffs.

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There have been 400 vacancies consistently since the beginning of school. HR is not hiring intentionally in order to save money. So what if kids have sat in classes all year with a substitute? 

The fable that HR didn't know about the teacher vacancies is CYA by the blimp who is head of HR. The blimp spent all summer passing out $100K increases in pay for administrators to come work for the dirtbag superintendent chosen by the mayor. So what if there were no teachers. A Cabinet was needed to play out the fantasies of delusional Mike Miles.

The miracle savings found by the new CFO were the result of using $75 a day subs instead of teachers for those 400 vacancies.

The blimp doesn't have a network outside TFA and no good teacher will ever approach this district with Miles and his goons in charge.

Break up the district into 4-5 ISDs or it's gone.The voters have no real input. Call Yvonne Davis and ask her about her bill to divide DISD into manageable parts. It's the only way out of this disaster.

scottindallas topcommenter

@wiseUp sounds like DISD needs to hire 700 teachers for next year.  That's $28 million in salary alone at $40k/yr


@scottindallas No. They are more than willing to use this as a budget bump-up by not rehiring the same amount of teachers who leave. They will pack their classes with 30-40 students in each room, to where the desks go all the way up to the board, and they will take teacher's conference periods to make extra sections of classes. Meanwhile, their yearly reports will say that their teacher-student ratio is 15:1, because they count office aids, staff, and special ed teachers with no students, and they will extend the teacher's work days and remove their planning periods to meet their needs. They will save money this way at the cost of your child's education.

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