One Man Believed to Have Committed All Three Lake Highlands Rapes. Police Now Have a Sketch.

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For the third time in four days, Dallas police held a press conference about the string of rapes in Lake Highlands.

Still no answer for who was responsible for three rapes over the past month, but the investigation has made progress, DPD Major Jeff Cotner told the press this afternoon. "We don't have three predators, we have one."

Police have drafted two different sketches of the man, one as described by the woman attacked on February 22, the other from March 15. The woman in the third rape on March 19 couldn't offer a detailed description, but did manage to claw her attacker.

"He will have multiple scratches on his face, his cheeks and on his neck," Cotner said. "He will also have bite marks on his hands, fingers, and, in particular, he should have a deep laceration on at least one finger."

Police have already fielded more than 100 tips, but they're looking for more. Anyone with information should call DPD at 214-670-4415 or, if they wish to remain anonymous and be eligible for the $25,000 reward, CrimeStoppers at 877-373-8477.

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Nice to see that during the lockdown on Thursday the Richardson ISD had their elementary students do sketches of the suspect. Helen Keller could do a better job. 


@GuitarPlayer this comment is in very poor taste. We are dealing with a very sick individual here in Lake Highlands right now. The Dallas Police, including their sketch artist, are going above and beyond.



I don't doubt that at all. But they need to get a better artist. You can't possibly say that those sketch renderings will help. Put your emotions aside and use your head.


@GuitarPlayer Well, they could, indeed, POSSIBLY help -- but only if the perp is walking down the street and flashes his "What? who, me?" look (L) or his "Behold, I am as stoic and immobile as granite" look (R). 

I'll concede that this is unlikely (especially since he knows the general public now will be on the lookout for these two expressions), but you said can't POSSIBLY.

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