Hendri Boykin Was This Close to Putting a Ring on It. Then, the Cops Showed Up.

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Somehow, Dallas police weren't convinced that Hendri Boykin was the hopelessly lovestruck 19-year-old he made himself out to be. He had a gold engagement ring and told the officers who visited his apartment Tuesday afternoon that he was "going to ask my girl to marry me," stammering nervously in the manner of a man bracing for a life-changing decision

But there were red flags, too. The engagement ring was stuffed in a secret pocket sewn into Boykin's jeans, which could have been but somehow didn't seem calculated to heighten the surprise of the proposal. And when officers asked where he'd gotten the ring and how much it cost, he was at a loss. He simply stammered, paused, and sighed a single, defeated word: "Man."

There was also the fact that police found a purse in Boykin's apartment that had been stolen a few minutes before from a woman in the same complex who had been buckling her kids in the car. And that Boykin was wearing the same outfit and matched the description of the thief. And that witnesses had seen Boykin steal the purse and told police who he was and where he lived.

Boykin was arrested and taken to Lew Sterrett on a pair of burglary charges. The ring, based on information from police reports, doesn't seem to have belonged to the woman whose purse was stolen.

Officers took it and checked it into their property room for later retrieval. DPD spokesman Demarquis Black doubts very much that Boykin was planning on popping the question, but who knows? Maybe Boykin's a romantic and wanted a special ring for a special girl.

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Cute kid...hopefully he stays out of trouble.  Doesn't look like prison would be much fun for him.


When I was just a little young boy,                                                                                                           Papa said. "Son, you'll never get far.                                                                                                             I'll tell you the reason, if you wanna know:                                                                                              'Cause child of mine, there isn't really very far to go."

Well, baby baby wants a gold diamond ring -- 
Wants it more than most any old thing.
Well, when men get those jelly-roll blues ... 
"Child, I'll go and get anything in this world for you."

Went down to the jewelry store packing a gun,
Said, "Wrap it up! I think I'll take this one."
"A thousand dollars, please," the jewelry man said.
Dupree said: "I'll pay this one off to you in lead."

Well, you know, some, you just can't figure.
First thing you know, he gonna pull that trigger.
And its no wonder your reason goes bad.
Jelly-roll will drive a man mad.

Judge said: "Son, its gonna cost you some time."
Dupree said: "Judge, you know, that crossed my mind."
Judge said: "In fact, it's gonna cost you your life!"
Dupree, he said, "Judge, you know, that seems to me to be about right."

Baby baby gonna lose her sweet man.
Dupree come out with a losing hand.
Baby gonna weep it up for a while,
Then go out and find another sweet man gonna treat her with style.

Judge said: "Son, I know your baby well --
But that's a secret I can never tell."
Dupree said, "Judge, well, it's well understood!
And you've got to admit that that sweet, sweet jelly's so good!"

Well, you know, some, you just can't figure.
First thing you know, he gonna to pull that trigger.
And its no wonder your reason goes bad.Jelly-roll will drive a man mad.

Same old story, and I know its been told:
Some like jelly-jelly; some like gold.
Many a man's done a terrible thing
Just to get baby a shiny diamond ring. 

Montemalone topcommenter

There are important facts missing from this report.

Did the purse match his shoes?


Is the guy's name Boykin, Boykins, or Boykin's?

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