Four SMU Students Face Criminal Charges in Beating of Rival Fraternity Member

The men of the temporarily suspended Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter at SMU.
SMU still hasn't released many details about what happened at the Sigma Phi Epsilon house on the night of February 10, just that a student was "assaulted and held against his will" and that the fraternity, which also counts 19-year-old John David Mahaffey as a member, had been temporarily suspended.

The Morning News reported last night that the Dallas County District Attorney's office has brought criminal charges against four students involved in the incident.

Three of the students, 18-year-olds Jared Agnew and Julian Ryles and 19-year-old Benjamin Bechtel, were charged with misdemeanor assault. Ryles and Bechtel, along with 19-year-old Tanner Koch, were also charged with unlawful restraint.

The victim in the case was Daniel Garcia, an SMU freshman and member of Lambda Chi Alpha. His attorney told the News that Sigma Phi Epsilon members punched and kicked him while holding him against his will for nearly four hours, spraying Formula 409 on his cuts, making racial comments, and making ominous references to waterboarding and other forms of torture.

Robert Hinton, Bechtel's defense attorney, claims that Garcia fell down as he fled after spray-painting the front door of the rival frat. SMU has refused to release any police reports associated with the crime, as is its custom.

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scottindallas topcommenter

It's FUN to hate on SMU frat kids.


I was a Sig Ep at UNT during the Jurassic Period.  We hazed each other and other Frats, it was part of the fun.  No one went to the hospital or died, but we also didn't whine if we got caught trying to deface another Fraternity's property.  If you can't take the repercussions, you and your can of spray paint should stay home and watch Justin Beiber videos or American Idol or whatever Lambda Chi's watch these days. 


Jared, Tanner and Ryles.

SMU students,  by and large, are absolute pussies.   This goes back to parenting.


No picture before in the history of the world has whispered "date rape" as loudly as the one above. Well, until the next picture of an SMU frat is posted.


That is one astonishingly pale group of privileged rich dudes. And you say they think they are above the law? How shocking

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Why does SMU churn out so many sadists and rapists?


@CraigT42 I'm not even coming close to trying to defend them, but a quick fbook stalk does look like at least one of the accused guys is a minority...if not two of them.  They also look to be quit plsed with their "jailbird" status.  I'm guessing their high priced attorney didn't warn them that all these things they post on fbook can be used against them in the court room later...

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