Dallas Police Chief David Brown Casually Tweets About Firing Cops Before Asking for Blues Recommendations

If you follow Dallas Police Chief David Brown on Twitter, you were greeted this morning with the ominous announcement above. We're still waiting for a call back from DPD's media relations department and/or a reply to our Tweet asking Brown to elaborate. But a report in the Morning News pretty clearly suggests that what the chief is dreading is firing at least six officers who have disciplinary hearings scheduled for this afternoon. Also on the docket is the case of Lt. Regina Smith, aka Lucille Baller.

Brown was apparently very distraught over these burdens of police chiefdom. He spent the next several minutes discussing blues music with his Twitter followers.

@EssKayT suggests Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn (Brown: "how could I forget Stevie Ray"), while @graemeham90 suggests Charlie "Bird" Parker ("my old man used to talk about Charlie Bird thanks guess I'm old now listening to my parents music,"). Finally, @sfolsom41 chimes in with Howling Wolf and Son House.

Brown's aching heart is apparently soothed. Now, maybe he'll be so kind as to pass those selections along to the officers he's about to fire.

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Another example of tax dollars at work.  How much time does he spend building his playlist while being on the clock.  From what I am reading in the news, there's lots of work to be done at DPD. 

scottindallas topcommenter

Seriously, this is news?  (though the Charlie Parker comment threw me too)  Wilonsky's work isn't what it was, and this place is becoming a gossip column. 


Blues is a single category about as much as "rock music" is a single category. But no matter how you slice it, Charlie Parker ain't the blues. You could streeeetch and call Billie Holiday the blues, but not the Bird.


No John Lee? No Rbt. Johnson? No Elmore?

ChrisYu topcommenter

Mayor Rawlings suggested the Blue Man Group.


"Casually Tweets"?  Seriously. Doesn't look like he is taking it casually to a person with a fucking brain. Good Lord, I can't believe I sound like Hannity Fucker right now bashing a Unfair Park writer. I guess I'll go Full Monty and say, a Black guy liking the Blues? What do you expect?

.........and Charlie Parker is not Blues. That's like saying Jethro Tull is Metal. 

ruddski topcommenter


"...a Black guy liking the Blues? What do you expect?"

 I hear they jump real good too.



I would expect a sheep fucker to know about things jumping. Sorry Sheep Fucker, the cowboy hat gives it away.

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