Dog Poop DNA Testing is Clearly Becoming the Civil Liberties Issue of Our Time

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It was moderately entertaining when a Tennessee-based company called Poo Prints lobbied the City Council to implement a citywide dog-crap DNA testing regime. But even the considerable charm of total A-list actor David Keith couldn't convince council members to transform the city into a giant CSI: Dog Poop.

It was a stupid idea but a brilliant marketing ploy. The company's service was being used by a small handful of Dallas apartment complexes before the inane City Council pitch. In the wake of all the resulting free press, it's picking up more and more customers.

Poo Prints' system works by matching the DNA from that pile of feces festering in the grass with the dog that left it. This way, apartment managers can pinpoint the culprit and, ideally, make would-be scofflaws rethink their rule-breaking ways. The rub is, for the system to work at all, an apartment complex has to have a DNA sample for every dog that lives there. And that is raising some very important civil rights questions.

"I'd like to live in a poopless community, but if they're gonna tell me I have to do something that's not in that lease, it's my turn to say, 'Tough luck,'" a Dallas man, Brian Barcus, told WFAA.

He has a point. We all want to live in a "poopless community," but at what price? Today, it's an innocent-seeming DNA swab. Tomorrow, it'll be a colostomy bag shoved down Fido's rear. And if you think this doesn't affect you because your apartment complex doesn't DNA test poop, beware.

Poo Prints CEO Cedric Moses tells WFAA that he's adding local clients every day and is expanding to include military housing, student housing and assisted living facilities. All part of his mission to banish dog poop to the dustbin of history.

"It's a privilege to have an animal," Moses told WFAA. "You need to be responsible for that, not make someone else clean up after your animal. That's not how we do business in the United States."

No, we do business in the toilet.

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P.E.T. CSI™, Business Development Director, Cedric Moses explains to Teresa Woodard of WFAA News in an exclusive interview that his company is the 1st and only accredited and certified pet DNA analysis system of its kind.  He also explains how being certified by The Texas Department of Public Safety makes P.E.T. CSI™ the best in the business and assures pet owners, property managers and city officials that the testing meets and exceeds quality assurance measures by the international ASCLD.  He warns pet owners, property managers and city officials to do their due diligence before allowing any poop collection company to obtain your pets DNA. Mr. Moses also warns customers about firms like PooPrints, whom Mr. Moses previously owned a franchise of and was the first franchise in Texas of a product such as this, before finding out that they had been sued for copyright infringement by the mega pet corporation Mars. Moses states don't be lured in with double talk the benefits these firms offer to pet owners, most benefits they claim are limited to none. Because of the Mr. Moses strategic partnership with University of California and Veterinary Genetics Laboratory they have the only system that has been used in court of law to not only administer  "Pooper Scooper Fine" or "Code Compliance Violations".  They recently helped solved a murder and rape case one of which was right here in Texas.  Hands down, if I had to have my pet DNA analyzed I would want a firm that is regulated, works with law enforcement and can use my pets DNA for positive measures like tracking down the attacker or helping someone who has been victimized.  The benefits or endless plus they perform genetic testing on your pet for less than $50 which is far less than going to the veterinarian. Genetic testing can alert pet owners to life threaten issues and may give you solutions to extend the life of your pet. To find out more contact them at or 855.693.3927.


Amazing!  You want to control guns but not dog poop?!  ROTFLMSAO!!!!


Excellent last sentence, Eric.


"It's picking up more and more customers." ;)

Montemalone topcommenter

I would think all the suburban HOAs would looooove this.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Looks like poor Brian will have to pay to move and new pet deposit.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Well, speaking of poop, the new Pope is a staunch opponent of contraception and abortion, has called gay people "destructive of God's will", and has been involved in a lawsuit claiming he had two Jesuit priests kidnapped in 1976.  The beat goes on...

scottindallas topcommenter

@Myrna.Minkoff-Katz The Pope and Reagan worked together, were very engaged and fought Liberation Theology as a communist scourge.  This is troubling.  And, part of neo-colonialism.  Catholicism will find it easy to see the NATO perspective against the Muslims and the godless Chinese.  You don't have to worry Myra, I think the Jews are working with the church this time.



Wiki sez:

"He consistently preaches a message of compassion towards the poor, but some observers would like him to place a greater emphasis on issues of social justice."

Pope Hugo

bmarvel topcommenter

@scottindallas The trouble with "liberation theology" from the Catholic  perspective is that it's all liberation, no theology. Try and keep in mind that Catholicism is a religion, Scott. Its concerns are first and foremost spiritual. The Church would much prefer to see its priests working among the poor, Baptising, saying Mass, and so forth, than leading them in guerilla warfare.  (The Church, working through Solidarność, did play a key role in ending Communist rule in Poland; but that was largely a non-violent struggle and Reagan's part is the subject of much debate.)

The modern Popes have emphasized social justice since the 1890s and Leo XVIII's encyclical Rerum Novarum, and have consistently condemned free-market capitalism as exploitive and burdensome to the poor -- a source of acute discomfort to some U.S. Catholics of the Republican persuasion. The Popes have also been very quick to condemn wars -- all wars -- and have, in the modern era, reached out to other religions (as archbishop of Buenos Aires, the new Pope was conspicuously active in this regard), even attempting to work out some kind of modus vivendi with the Communist regime in China, which insists on 100 percent control over all Church appointments, ordinations and doctrinal matters. 

I guess this is just a long-winded way of saying, Scott,  that when it comes to Catholic Church, you apparently haven't the shadow of an idea what you're talking about.

bmarvel topcommenter

@scottindallas Scott,

Not sure what point you're trying to make, here. And I'm certainly not sure which "our" side is.  

Francis' alledged involvement with the murderous regime in Argentina is the subject of an ongoing debate, and in any case is not so easily summarized. I suggest you read a little more widely. (The  DMN has a very balanced account this morning, a good place to start.) 

The problem with blogs is that they are a place for cheap shots and snarkery, not for useful discussion or serious examination of an issue. The evaluation of Francis I is far from settled. Indeed, it's scarey begun.  Rather than dealing with my comment in detail, point by point, you characterized it a "disgusting characterization." What in the world might that mean? If you have some clear and specific responses to my arguments, I'd love to hear them.

scottindallas topcommenter

b @bmarvel Bill, it was our side that was assassinating Nun's, other-throwing gov'ts and the like.  Your characterization is disgusting.

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