"It's a BB gun!" A Dallas Man Raised a BB Gun at Cops Last Night, and Nearly Got Shot for It

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Christopher Jones was lurking behind a dumpster at a FedEx Kinkos at Skillman and LBJ around 2 this morning when, according to Dallas PD, a police cruiser pulled to a stop nearby.

The officers inside, Kyle Tholl and Erik Vasquez, were on routine patrol when they spotted spotted two men in the middle of what seemed to be a drug deal in the print shop parking lot. They got out, and officer Vasquez began talking with the suspected drug dealers.

Meanwhile, officer Tholl had spotted Jones, who had emerged from the dumpster some 20 yards away with a coat draped over his shoulders and his hands at his front waistband. When he saw Jones pull out a gun, Tholl unholstered his own and yelled at the 21-year-old to drop the weapon.

Instead, police say, Jones raised the barrel toward Tholl. Tholl fired first, narrowly missing Jones but prompting the 21-year-old to fall to the ground yelling "It's a BB gun! It's a BB gun!"

And it was, albeit one that "closely resembled a 9 mm handgun," according to police.

Jones was arrested and taken to Lew Sterrett on a charge of aggravated assault on a public servant. That's a first degree felony, which means Jones will get five to 99 years in prison if convicted.

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that's kinda like bringing a spoon to a knifefight, right? 

James080 topcommenter

Prime candidate for a Darwin Award?

ruddski topcommenter

Another missed opportunity.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Officer Tholl needs to go back to the range for some more practice.


@Sharon_Moreanus 20 yards.  Dark, suspect moving...  I think we give him the benefit of the doubt...


good job officer thol. most of your fellow officers would have emptied their clip into the idjit. you showed professionalism.

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