The Man Who Beat a Forest Hill Pastor to Death With an Electric Guitar Was Really High on PCP

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Derrick Birdow
Last October, in a particularly brutal and senseless act of violence, Derrick Birdow crashed a Mercury Grand Marquis through the side of Greater Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church and proceeded to fatally bludgeon its 53-year-old pastor, the Reverend Danny Kirk Sr., with an electric guitar.

Police weren't sure why Birdow murdered Kirk, nor could they say why he died after being stunned with a Taser and placed in the back of the squad car.

They learned on Tuesday the answer to the second question, which also shines some light on the first: He was incredibly high on PCP.

That's the ruling from the Tarrant County medical examiner, as reported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Forest Hill Police Chief Dan Dennis told the paper that he wasn't terribly surprised.

"We suspected very early on, based on his behavior, that we might be looking at PCP, just based on prior experience and our knowledge of that drug," he said.

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Nicholson, why aren't you and Tone and Schutze and Merlan celebrating? Based on your past dogshit, oops I mean "journalism", it seems like you would be celebrating this guy. After all, he killed one of those awful Christians that you "progressives" at the Observer hate so much! Be consistent goddammit!


OK, so let the warden be on PCP when we put this hoodlum to death. What a waste!


i'd like to hear the acoustic version of this story.

observist topcommenter

I saw that Nicholson.  Beaten with Electric Car???

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