The Man Who Allegedly Murdered Orr-Reed Owner John Hargrove Turned Himself in Yesterday

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Frederico Prado
In early hours last Saturday morning, police arrived at Club Extasis to find John Hargrove sprawled in the middle of the floor, unconscious. He had been badly beaten in a bar fight, struck with a chair and pool cues by several attackers. He was dead by the time his body arrived at Baylor Hospital.

Detectives determined that the fatal blows had come from 23-year-old Frederico Prado, who had kicked Hargrove several times in the head while he lay on the floor.

Hargrove's death came as a shock. Jim Schutze, who had written admiringly of his battle to preserve his business against pressure from City Hall, eulogized him here earlier this week as someone who salvaged both lumber and people.

His alleged killer turned himself in yesterday to Dallas police. He was taken to Dallas County jail, where he's being held on $500,000 bond on a charge of first degree murder.

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Love your humor guitar player. And yes, I totally agree Prado has probably never vote. Hope you understand that wasn't the point I was trying to make. Keep strumming.

GuitarPlayer topcommenter

When you mix the Horse Fucker (aka keepcensoringDO) with alcohol you get a scared stable. No horse is safe, not even the donkeys.


What an insensitive comment regarding a brutal murder. Your intelligence level comes through loud & clear.


You misunderstood my reply. Your comment about Obama voters is what I was talking about. It's like saying ALL mexicans are ... Or ALL blacks are ... Or all whites are... Or all Obama voters are murderers. Try to look at people as individuals. That's what I meant about being insensitive.


@linda.a.merchant Did a majority of blacks and hispanics vote for Obama?


What happens when you mix Obama voters and alcohol. 

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