The Dallas Observer Has a New App

Today marks the arrival of our new and improved Dallas Observer app, your pocket guide to the city and direct line to our always fair-and-balanced take on things. It features:

- Event listings and concert calendars searchable by date, artist, neighborhood, venue or genre
- Restaurant listings searchable by cuisine type and neighborhood
- Access to daily blogs for updates on local news, politics, music, food and arts
- Editors' picks of the best things to do and reviews from our writers
- Slideshows of local nightlife, concerts and events
- Access to Voice Daily Deals spotlighting terrific deals from local events and merchants

I've spent some time with it, and it's a pretty seamless way to access our many, many buckets of diverse content. If you're so inclined, download it from iTunes or Google Play. And if you have any problems with it, email me directly and I'll pass your concerns on to someone smarter than me.

Thanks, as always, for your patronage.

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Commenting system from mobile devices still doesn't work


When I sign into the android app and go to daily deals it takes me to the Houston site.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

hmm, downloaded the app, like the setup, hate that I cant comment from the app though.


I just downloaded it and all the content pages are blank. The one that asks me if I want to download the Daily Deals app works just fine though.

Good job, guys.

joe.tone moderator

@Rooster0620 Apple or Droid? No one else has had this problem so far, that we know of. 

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