The City Will Unveil a New Vision for Downtown Parks on Thursday

With Klyde Warren and other parks under its belt, the city's about to unveil its updated vision for downtown green space.
When the city released its master plan for downtown parks in 2004, the vision was to create "a series of signature parks within downtown that add identity and economic vibrancy to the heart of the city."

That's starting to happen, as anyone who's spent time in Main Street Garden or Klyde Warren Park or Belo Garden can attest, but large chunks of downtown remain forbidding oceans of concrete far removed from the idyllic greenery over Woodall Rodgers and, with more and more people living and working downtown, more parks are needed.

And so, a bit more than a year ago, Dallas began working to update to its long-term plan for Dallas parks

The update is now complete and will be presented on Thursday to the Park & Recreation Board.

Mike Hellman, manager of park planning and acquisition for the city, said a consultant is putting on the final touches and that the plan itself won't be ready until Thursday. But the new plan examines the success of the current downtown parks and establishes a vision for new ones in light of the various things -- the Omni hotel, a large and trendy Arts District, residents -- that downtown has acquired in the past nine years.

Among the priorities outlined in the new plan is the consolidation of the patchwork Carpenter Plaza, which links downtown and Deep Ellum, into a single parcel of green space, developing tracts around the Farmer's Market, and some parkland in the West End. The city, Hellman says, is in the midst of acquiring West End Plaza for the purpose.

Also to be addressed is a revised vision for Pacific Garden, the fourth major park envisioned by the 2004 plan. The city bought the land but a lack of funding prevented it from being turned into a park as quickly as would have been liked.

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I'm all for more parks, but they don't have to all be fancy designer stuff, just some grass and trees. How about some basketball and tennis courts on smaller parking lots and perhaps a football/soccer or baseball field? 


Can we PLEASE fix some damned potholes in our roads? Is that too much to ask?

Montemalone topcommenter

Yes, Gucci benches in all the downtown parks. Can't have society assess parked on plastic.


I don't see any gas rigs or refineries.


I dont understand why we need a 4th downtown park. Main St Garden is very nice and was a great first step. The Klyde is amazing. Belo is so-so but it's a public green space.

Downtown has come a long way in the last decade, but we can't just keep shilling out money for parks. Or bridges, for that matter. The focus now needs to be getting more folks living down there and maybe getting some of those parking lots replaced with buildings.


Why does the City always use the excuse "lack of funding" when it comes to all sorts of great projects that would benefit the residents of the City of Dallas while at the same time agreeing to shovel tens of millions of dollars into the Perot/Hillwood development in Victory Park-- where a long line of developers has already expressed interest in building?

Same goes for the next "Signature" bridge--- City is supposedly broke, but when the bridge encounters millions of dollars in over-runs related to the faux-arches from Calatrava, Mary Suhm manages to find millions of bucks in the seat cushions?

I don't get it.


@WylieH Mary Suhm just sucks money out of thin air!

Actually, i should have just said that Mary Suhm sucks!

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