Mark Cuban Reminds Suffering Mavs Fans: Basketball's About More than Winning

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It's a painful year to be a Mavericks fan. Two years removed from winning the NBA championship, the team's a disappointing 22-29, with its playoff chances dimming with each passing game.

Some might blame Mark Cuban, who dragged the team from the NBA' cellar to its apex before dismantling it following the championship run. But Cuban would like to remind all those people what professional basketball is really about: making life worth living.

He elaborates on his blog:

[T]o some Mavs fans the Mavs are more than just a game. They are a release. They are a connection to other family members. They are an escape from the realities of a very difficult life. There are fans who love the Mavs because it makes their lives better.

There are not many businesses that can begin to have that kind of impact on their customers/fans.

It is this connection that also drives me to make sure that every Mavs game is about far more than basketball. I want to make sure that every time any fan walks into the American Airlines Center they know that they will feel special. They will have a special experience. They will have an emotional connection. They will feel an energy and excitement they can not get anywhere else. They will be able to see a look of joy in their family members. They will know that we respect the financial, emotional and time investment they have made in our Mavs. In a year's time they won't remember the score, or even a single play from the game, but they will remember who they were with and how they felt during the game.

Taken as a whole, Cuban's post is a thoughtful and heartfelt meditation on how much emotion people invest on their professional sports teams, and what it's like to be entrusted with that. This is especially important to keep in mind this season. If nothing else, it'll help numb the stabbing pain you feel in your heart as the Mavs let another one slip away.

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primi_timpano topcommenter

Having a winning team and a quality game experience are not mutually exclusive. The existence of one does not render the other any less important.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

I seem to remember an owner in some sport whose motto was "Just Win Baby"  while he sucked at drafting and took on the thugs of the league at least he wasnt sending out missives about how our in game entertainment is top notch.  


Yes, it is a very touching account about how Sports can bring people together. You know what else it is? To me, it's a poorly disguised attempt to shield Cuban from criticism about how this team has been run since the Championship? Using sick kids to shame me out of questioning your decisions? Classy.

Look Cubes, just go into full Jerry Jones mode and make money, performance be damned. 

This made me laugh:

"I’m proud of the fact that the Mavs spend, by all accounts, more than any other team in any sport around the world on in game entertainment and experience."

Lock me in a closet with a pinball machine cranked to 12, I still won't forget the Mavs are 7 games below .500

Maybe I'm not the audience his post was meant for. If I dropped a ton of cash for season tickets, I would certainly want to read stories about how basketball isn't about wins or losses, and heartwarming tales about the 'experience' of seeing a game and not caring about the score. The fact that this post was written by the VERY ARCHITECT responsible for the current situation kind of blows my mind. 

You know what really makes the fan experience? Winning.


I went to a Mavs game in 1992. They won a whopping 11 games that year.

He's right. I don't remember the score, or even a single play. I do however remember watching really bad basketball played by a team/ownership that didn't care, and feeling I'd been screwed out of the $50 ticket price.

Maybe I just "connect" better when the team doesn't suck.


Just remember as the Great Vince Lombardi once said "If it doesnt matter wether you Win or Lose. Then why the HELL do they keep score"


since the Mavs have a very recent championship, okay. now if Jerry says something like this, my eyes are rolling, heavy sigh. 

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