JFK Conspiracy Theorist Robert Groden goes 81-0 with Latest Win Against City Censors

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Wanted to go ahead and let you know, since apparently nobody else is going to do the story, that Robert Groden, the Kennedy assassination author, has won yet another legal victory in his fight against the city's years-long efforts to muzzle him.

And, sorry, certain commenters here, but that's what it is. This isn't about tidying up a park. It's a campaign to shut down free speech on the still sensitive issue of whether John F. Kennedy's murder in Dallas 50 years ago was the work of multiple conspirators.

Don't believe me? Still think it's Groden who's the out-of-line wack-job? Groden's virtually unbroken record of judicial exoneration in 81 separate arrests or tickets by the city is now crowned by a recent decision of County Criminal Court of Appeals Judge Kristin Wade. Wade said the same thing a parade of judges have said before: It's the city that's outside the law in this.

Robert Groden at work, between rousts by Dallas cops.
Wade was ruling on the most recent arrest, which took place June 13, 2010, in which the city charged Groden with ... he was charged with the offense of ... but that's part of the problem, isn't it? The city arrested him in Dealey Plaza where he lectures and sells self-published magazines. They threw him in jail. But then they couldn't quite say what he had done wrong.

Wade takes note of the city's vacillation. In her opinion upholding a trial judge's decision to quash the case against Groden, Wade points out that the city changed its mind twice about what Groden had done wrong after they arrested him and put him in jail. And they still couldn't come up with a crime.

Know why? There was no crime. There was no city law banning Groden from giving lectures in Dealey Plaza and selling magazines, books and videos that explain his theories. Since then, in a classic case of tardy barn-door closing, the city has enacted an ordinance it thinks would cover Groden's case. Groden's lawyers think the new ordinance, yet to be tested, reeks of violation of free speech. More on this in my column in the newspaper next week.

The point is this: Before the 2010 arrest the city of Dallas had 80 instances in which it had been warned by judges that it was harassing Groden in violation of his rights and the law. And yet they did it again. This last time they added some rough treatment during the arrest and a nice long visit to the jailhouse, a clear expression of that hoary adage of official oppression, "You can beat the rap, but you can't beat the ride."

Groden has a federal civil rights lawsuit in the works against the city. That suit has been in legal limbo for two years waiting for this appeals court shoe to fall. I'm not sure how that works. I will explain it in the paper next week. But he tells me this new verdict will open the door for the civil rights case finally to proceed.

Groden is a New York Times list best-selling author and in 1978 was the forensic photographic consultant to the Select Committee on Assassinations of the U.S. House of Representatives. The select committee was formed after Groden obtained a copy of the Zapruder film, which had been owned and suppressed by LIFE magazine.

When Groden got the film aired on television, a shocked national audience saw President Kennedy's head clearly slammed in the opposite direction it would have been pushed by a bullet from the sniper's perch on the sixth floor of the School Book Depository. The final report of the committee stated it had found evidence establishing "a high probability that two gunmen fired at President John F. Kennedy."

It is this version of things that Groden preaches in Dealey Plaza, often to large crowds of tourists who come from far and wide specifically to explore the facts around the assassination.

The efforts by the city to silence him often have been aided and abetted by the Sixth Floor Museum, which has become the official enforcement arm of the no-conspiracy theory in Dallas. Nothing like a "museum" that gets people arrested for disagreeing with it, eh?
I do a weekly radio show on KNON at 10 a.m. on Saturdays (yes, I'm plugging along here), and for the past couple of Saturdays we have been talking about Groden, two weeks ago with him as my on-air guest. Last Saturday I confessed my own personal sin here: I have just never been sufficiently motivated to form a personal theory about the JFK killing in Dallas 50 years ago. I think I have always been daunted by the amount of reading I would have to do.

But as we roll up on the 50th anniversary observations next November, with the city already planning hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of special security to shut people like Groden out of Dealey Plaza on the big day, I do have to wonder.

Is there still somebody around who's got something big to hide on this? Because I can't come up with another explanation. Otherwise, Groden and all the other Warren Commission skeptics would be the best tourist attraction Dallas ever had.

Dealey Plaza continues to be our most popular tourist attraction. And Dallas keeps living up to everyone's stereotype by standing down there like some big old 1950s copper slapping his billy club against his leg saying, "Let's move it along now, folks, nothin' to see here, time you been gettin' on home now."

Why? Does the city actually want to look guilty? Does it not get that doing stuff like tossing Groden in the slammer over free speech makes the city look guilty? Amazing, really. So very strange.

More on this at 10 a.m. on KNON 89.3 next Saturday (plug-plug-plug) and in the paper next week. If nothing else, it's just kind of a weird town, is it not?

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I applaud the 81st victory by Robert Groden over the City of Dallas on behalf of freedom of speech and freedom of the press, which are highly unpopular among the city fathers when it comes to JFK.  Since he is an institution in Dallas, I want to share some of my concerns about his JFK research, which addresses some of the crucial issues involved in understanding JFK:

"The JFK War: The Challenging Case of Robert Groden", http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/04/14/the-jfk-war-the-challenging-case-of-robert-groden/


Jim, I'm just finishing "Killing Kennedy." You are welcome to borrow it if you like.


The 1st Amendment is for all of us, even conspiracist goofballs hawking historical snake oil.  Unless the guy is making some sort of obnoxious nuisance of himself _to your average passers-by(1)_ like yelling & hollering after going a week without bathing and smearing himself with feces, let him sell his fantasy books.


Bite the bullet (heh) and pay for your admission to the museum.  Mosey on down to the window next to the one set up Lee Harvey Oswald-style and look to where JFK would motor.  Even from that window, where it would be more difficult than form LHO's position, it is an easy shot(s) for a middling marksman using a bolt action rifle.  JFK's assassination does not require multiple shooters.  That does not prove that everybody include Walt Disney were not involved, just that they need not be to fit the circumstances.

(1) Nuisances to the gov't are to be encouraged.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

And to think that people wonder about how Ms. Suhm handled the Trinity East leases.  This pretty much seems to be the same attitude to me ...


The persecution of Groden has spanned multiple chiefs of police and mayors. Surely no DPD officer is going to waste his or her time arresting a guy who has beat his last 80 charges without instruction from SOMEONE. The question is who... And also why?


Those founding fathers and their "free speech" rant!  I mean really!  Embarrass Dallas?

We get embarrassed daily by the various officials we elect...we don't need the "no conspiracy here, folks...squirrel!" efforts to "help" us. 

The City of Dallas didn't shoot JFK, though with all the efforts to quash the theorists, it makes you wonder...


Grodin's theories are junk, but there is a still a first amendment. The city just doesn't want to be embarrassed by someone with a different way of thinking. We wouldn't want the world to think badly of us.


Any time anyone is thrown in jail for speaking his mind, we are all the victims.  Thanks for letting us know about this story.  I will be watching this from now on. 

Montemalone topcommenter

Can't have a guy peddling papers. Mary sold the drilling rights. He'd be in the way.


@James080 Killing Kennedy? If you feel that you can take the word of a man who claims to know what Lee Oswald was thinking in bed at night then you are welcome to it, I wouldn't be boasting that I have read it or offering it to others to borrow if I were you. How embarrassing! 


@roo_ster ... Pay for admission into the single-bullet fantasy land Sixth Floor? That's OK. I'd rather mosey over to the Hotel Lawrence to use the money for a good meal.

So, Groden is a goofball, hawking snake oil? Really? Since when are common citizens of Dallas County goofballs? The majority of people in Dealey Plaza either heard shots originate from the Grassy Knoll or saw puffs of smoke from the rifle fire behind the picket fence on the Knoll. How is that snake oil? That's a slap in the face to those witnesses, some of whom are still alive and most of whom have relatives living in the area and could potentially read your garbage.

Sooo, roo_ster, was Carolyn Arnold lying when she testified that she saw LHO eating in the 2nd floor lunchroom a few minutes before the assassination? Was mortician Paul Groody lying when he said federal agents entered his funeral home with a duffel bag and requested to be alone with LHO's remains? Afterward, Groody said he had to remove ink from LHO's hands in order to prepare the remains for burial.

And Union Pacific Railroad workers Sam Holland, Richard Dodd, James Leon Simmons were lying, when they said they were standing atop the Triple Overpass during the assassination and saw someone shooting from behind the picket fence and saw a puff of smoke come out from under the trees in that area? They are all lying, but you are telling the truth? Yeah, right. LOL!!!

JimSX topcommenter



@leftocenter ... The morning of 11/22/63, then-sheriff Bill Decker instructed his off-duty and plainclothes detectives to "in no way take part in the security of the motorcade," said Deputy Roger Craig, who was awarded 'man of the year' in 1960 by the DCSD.

DA Henry Wade was extremely complicit that weekend, buying into the lone-gunman theory from the first minute. How a man of justice could denunciate LHO in such short notice is beyond belief, especially when we found out later -- thanks to the work of independent researchers -- that LHO had nothing to do with the coup.

The Feds came in here and PUNKED Dallas authorities -- rag-dolled them; dwarf-tossed the cowboys; used and abused them for their needs, then threw them aside like used bandages. The only Dallas city or county official who had the balls to stand up to the Feds was Dallas County Medical Examiner Earl Rose, who -- when Secret Service agents were in the midst of kidnapping JFK's body from Parkland -- blocked their exit and demanded that by Texas law, when a homicide occurs in a county in Texas, that body must remain in that county for an autopsy.

SS agents used profanity and threats, according to Parkland doctor Charles Crenshaw and ambulance driver Aubrey Rike,  but Dr. Rose would not back down. It wasn't until SS agents pulled out automatic weapons that Dr. Rose conceded.

http://www.jfkmontreal.com/inside_parkland.htm -- (under the Yarborough section)

HAD DR. ROSE PERFORMED THE AUTOPSY IN DALLAS THAT WEEKEND, THERE WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN A NEED FOR A ROBERT GRODEN ON THE GRASSY KNOLL; THERE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A NEED  for a group -- the Coalition On Political Assassinations (COPA) -- to have been formed to spend years poring through released documents, researching the hidden history that has been kept from us by the same faction that performed the coup d'état in the first place.


@Rix1 ... Bob Groden does not have theories. As many independent researchers have done, Bob has taken the statements made by many witnesses, along with many films and photographs, and has come to the conclusion -- as anybody with a brain would do -- that the official story of one man firing three shots from one window, was a lie and an attempt to placate the US citizens into accepting the fairy tale, so they would not ask questions.

The mainstream media was a giant help in accomplishing this mission; however, that did not stop many independent researchers from digging and eventually reaching an inevitable conclusion of multiple shooters from at least three locations and a massive cover-up, which is still ongoing today.

All you need to do is read. Spend some time and read the evidence. If all you do is open wide and accept what your mainstream media is feeding you, then of course you are going to remain uneducated and post ignorant comments like you have above.

I understand that some people don't have the time to delve into these labyrinth of rabbit holes -- Schutze is one of them. He admits he does not want to invest the time to adequately dig into this case. Therefore, he does not act like an idiot, ala Jackie Floyd at the DMN, and write ridiculously insane stories/columns.


@missfrankiefortune @James080  

You wrote: "...take the word of a man who claims to know what Lee Oswald was thinking..." What you wrote says quite a bit about you. Did you read the book to mine that passage, or merely lift it from some review you read?  Do you believe everything you read? Do you "take the word" of every author or columnist you read? Your comment displays a lack of the ability to think critically, nonetheless I'll be sure to consult you before my next book purchase.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter


The irony of your inadvertent written resemblance to a certain other poster is amusing. 


Well, I grew up in Dallas; was 9 yo in  1963. A friend of the family worked for the railroad and was standing on the overpass at the time. Said he saw something, then later died in a car wreck. Whoever dies in car wrecks? Must be something to it...I dunno.

I consider myself very well read on the subject, but came to the conclusion a long time ago that Oswald was a nut who acted alone. No tricks to any of the mysteries. Folks who want there to be a conspiracy will find evidence to support it, regardless of what science has proven.

Now, if you want to talk James Earl Ray and MLK, I'll bite!



Thank you for the civil reply. I was considering reading Buglios's book next, mainly because Helter Skelter scared the crap out of me 30 years ago. I'll check out "JFK and the Unspeakable" too. Thanks.


@James080  I recommend 'JFK and the Unspeakable' by James Douglass. I read 4 or 5 reviews of the book 'Killing Kennedy', after paying for 'Case Closed' by Posner and borrowing 'Reclaiming History' by Bugliosi I decided not to waste such time and cash on fantasy books and just stick to history books. Anyway, try Unspeakable, even if you don't think there was a conspiracy there is valuable research in there about Khrushchev, Kennedy and the cold war. 

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