Highland Park High School is on Lockdown after Box of Bullet Shells Discovered in Bathroom

Yesterday morning, Highland Park High School was evacuated after school officials found a threatening note in a boys' bathroom. It was the same boys' bathroom where three similar notes had been found the month before. In all four cases, a search of the school revealed nothing.

The danger became a bit more tangible today. The school was placed on lockdown this morning after a box of .22 shells was found in a different boys bathroom.

School district spokeswoman Helen Williams told the Morning News that students and teachers are being kept in their rooms while police investigate. They are no doubt sick of having the specter of violence hanging over their heads.

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Another note just found???


My Goodness let them handle it quietly .Lets not mention names ..No reason to ruin someones future over accusations .


Myrna is correct.  These issues are very similar to other school shootings where the signs were all there.  In this case I know the UP police department received information they have not followed up on.  Sad that in this world they dont take it more seriously.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Someone is planning a gun massacre, and these false alarms are meant to de-sensitize the administration to the threat.

everlastingphelps topcommenter

Someone "lost' a box of shells?  As expensive and hard to find as they are right now?

Only Highland Park.  Spoiled brats.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

Could we possibly develop another term for securing a school in the event of a security problem other than "lock down"?  After all this term was originally used in prison facilities to lock all prisoners in their cells in the event of security breach or loss of control by the prison guards.

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