DFW Airport is Getting Nap Rooms Next Month

Soon, travelers stranded at DFW Airport be forced to pretzel themselves on uncomfortable seats or sneak away to an isolated corner of carpet for a few minutes of shuteye. That's because the airport is getting nap rooms.

The rooms -- more accurately, a nap hotel -- are planned by Minute Suites, a company which, according to a report yesterday on NPR's All Things Considered "is building tiny airport retreats across the country."

The company already has locations in Atlanta and Philadelphia. "Next up," NPR reports, "are Dallas-Fort Worth and Chicago's O'Hare International Airport."

The DFW location was actually supposed to be open in Terminal D by the end of 2012. That didn't happen, but it will soon.

"Next month," DFW spokesman David Magana wrote this morning in an email. The exact opening date will be announced in the near future.

According to NPR, Chicago alderman apparently expressed some concern that the rooms, which cost $30 for the first hour and $120 overnight, would be used as hookup chamber, where jet-lagged travelers could go for a brief tryst. There have been no such worries expressed in Dallas since plans were initially unveiled a year ago, though come to think of it, that's not a bad idea.

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kind of takes the adventure out of finding a place...

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

who cares what they do in the room, if they paid for it so be it

David Ellefsen
David Ellefsen

the grammer in that article is atrocious or horrible (if you don't know the mean of atrocious)

primi_timpano topcommenter

What is wrong with sex in a nap room? It happens in beds all over the world.


But seriously, can a "nap hotel" afford staff to change sheets between guests?  No way am I snuggling into a bed that was just vacated a few mins ago by god-knows-who.


"Chicago alderman apparently expressed some concern that the rooms,... would be used as hookup chamber.."

If a Texas Republican state legislator had these concerns, It would be in the headline followed by a chorus of "how embarrassing!!


Poor use of "stranded", Eric.

A facility like this is tailor-made for people on multi-hour layovers, you know, the flight changes you get at domestic and international hubs like DFW...

Nap rooms and capsule hotels have proven to be quite successful in airports in Asia and Europe. Those prices seem rather optimistic given rates at places like Yotel's airport locations or a day-pass to an airline lounge for a couple hours' stay, but I could very well be wrong. 

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

That is a scary thought that there are so many stranded and delayed passengers at an airport that money can be made by renting them rooms.

Dallas Observer
Dallas Observer

No idea why Facebook decided to pull that thumbnail, by the way


Exactly how is that a concern? As long as they aren't running a brothel I think what perfectly legal things go on on the private rented rooms falls firmly under none of his damn business. Does he go to hotels and interrogate the front desk staff on single bed rooms rented by two people?


@David Ellefsen the correct spelling is grammar. You spelling is atrocious for one criticizing grammar.


@David Ellefsen 

Hell, I don't even know the mean of grammer, truth be told.


@ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul 'Stranded and delayed"? They're amoral horndogs with a primal itch to scratch, nothing more; on any given day, you can see them staggering through the terminals, hyperventilating and tumescent, lips quivering with barely contained animal need, pupils dilated by a searing blast of implacable, consuming lust. Some vibrate in solitary exaltation within their confining airport seats, drooling, keening piteously under an uneven and jagged breath, so I guess they come to some kind of awful climax. Others resort to toe-tapping their way into the tawdry embrace of a desperately embonered Senator. Only a matter of time before some buck-toothed huckster came along to separate these beasts from their money. 

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

@ruddski @TheCredibleHulk 

No - they more than deserve the ridicule.

However, I make that statement knowing full well that it's impossible to embarrass someone that is completely devoid of shame.

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