An Early-Morning Creeper Kept Calling Panera Bread Demanding to See Naked People

It wasn't a run on baked souffle that kept the phones ringing off the hook at two Panera Bread locations in Dallas yesterday morning. It was one guy -- an especially creepy one -- who apparently enjoys harassing female crew members at fast-casual bakery/cafe chains.

According to two police reports, one from the Panera across from NorthPark on Park Lane (the report actually identifies the restaurant as "Pandera," but let's assume), the other from the Lemmon Avenue location, the calls started at 6 a.m. and kept up for nearly three hours.

On Lemmon, a 30-year-old employee fielded at least a half dozen calls in quick succession from a man who didn't identify himself, his script running the gamut from the inquisitive ("Are you naked?") to the declarative ("I want to see you naked").

The Park Lane report is lighter on detail, saying only that the man called several times and was making "obscene gestures" to workers, which is a impressive considering they happened over the telephone.

Dallas police spokesman DeMarquis Black, a detective until recently, said these types of cases are tough to crack, particularly if the caller uses a prepaid phone, though officers did get the caller's number.

That gives at least a sliver of hope that police will be able to track the guy down and figure out why he was making such creepy phone calls and why he decided to do it at such an ungodly hour.

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Don North
Don North

so since when is 6 am an ungodly hour? Doesn't the cock crow at dawn? lol


Panera is French for "expensive and tasteless sandwich." 

scottindallas topcommenter

@GuitarPlayer Panera is French like Target is French.  Panera is fake European, like the fake European food they serve.  And, it is very expensive.

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