American Sniper Chris Kyle Will Be Buried in Austin Today

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Chris Kyle
In the days since he was murdered at a Glen Rose gun range, American Sniper Chris Kyle, who recorded more than 150 confirmed kills while serving overseas, has become a palimpsest on which both those who abhor American adventurism overseas and those who view military skill as the ultimate virtue have written their competing narratives.

But as Jacquielynn Floyd notes rather artfully in the Morning News today, he was a person, not just a political symbol.

That was the tone struck at a somber memorial service at Cowboys Stadium yesterday and, today, in the rain-soaked, 200-mile funeral procession to the Texas State Cemetery. It's live-streaming on WFAA and NBC 5. Mourners are gathering on the overpasses to pay their respects.

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I simply can't understand why this man is thought to be so much more exceptional than any other soldier who has served and was lucky enough to come home in one piece.  All soldiers and veterans are to be commended for their bravery.  Correct me if I'm wrong but is he being put on a pedestal because he wrote a book and had  a lot of kills?  Yes, he's tried to help his fellow veterans but so are so many other veterans.  Will they be recognized for their goodness and service when they leave this world?  I'm sorry for the family's loss because I do know the agony and sadness of losing someone who has gone to war and didn't return home.  That loss is as raw as it was during the Vietnam war.  But I just can't understand why one man was singled out.  Please, someone, explain.


The service at Cowboys Stadium was beautiful and respectful, until George Teague ran in and knocked the casket off the Star.


Thank you Chris Kyle for your service to your country and community, RIP.

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