A Rowlett History Teacher Illustrated Lesson on Old West by Lassoing Seventh Graders (Video)

It was intended as a creative way of showing seventh grade history students at Schrade Middle School in Rowlett how cowboys would corral wayward steers during cattle drives. But somehow, astonishingly, the teacher's decision to actually lasso his students ended badly.

It went like this, according to a WFAA report from Tuesday: the teacher, who isn't identified, took his students outside, asked for volunteers, then had them run across a field while he tossed a rope around their neck. The parents of one of the kids, unhappy when their son arrived home with bruises around his neck, complained to the school and local TV station, causing the teacher to be suspended.

But now the teacher's supporters are rallying to his defense.

"He didn't pull or anything," another student, Tristan McKissick, told WFAA for a followup story. "He let go when he saw it go around his neck so it wouldn't hurt him."

As proof, Tristan provided a cell phone video he took of the lassoing. It shows about what was described in the original story: a kid running, then being clotheslined by the rope the teacher tosses around his neck.

How this is supposed to help the teacher's case is a bit murky since, regardless of intent, it shows him throwing a goddamned rope around the necks of 13-year-olds. Bad idea.

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bmarvel topcommenter

If he didn't brand and castrate them he missed an opportunity.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

sheeeit. Dint' even hog tie em'.

What's all the noise about? I got bruised up worse than that playing checkers in the seventh grade.


Any of you raised sons?  Mine loved to shoot paint ball guns and pellet guns at each other -- their bruises were badges of honor. 

The kids that volunteered for this demonstration were enjoying a break from the normal, boring classroom with a teacher who wanted to make school more fun. 

Bruises...really...on middle school boys...horrifying! (not)


dam right lets fire his ass fer havin' a fun class. 


No doubt this yahoo will be the first to line up for school marshal.


Imagine if he were allowed a gun. Cowboys and Indians?


is the idea of a "cool teacher" lost on everyone these days

observist topcommenter

@ruddski Instead they should hire armed security guards, because unlike teachers, they have to have qualifications.


@observist @ruddski 

One might assume the qualifications security personnel have are earned through a process available also to teachers and other mere mortals.

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