A 73-Year-Old Was Stabbed to Death by a Fellow Resident At His Assisted Living Center [Updated]

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Joe Silva

Update at 12:29 p.m.: The Morning News Tanya Eiserer reports that Silva has confessed to the murder, telling police that, "I killed him because he put a flower on my door and tonight he had on a red hat so I decided I was going to kill him."

Original post: As a younger man, Joe Silva was in and out of jail. During the 70s and 80s, he was convicted of a string of crimes in Dallas County: several burglary counts; a couple of theft charges; a pair of aggravated assaults, one of which resulted in serious bodily injury. But the 68-year-old seems to have put his life of crime behind him by the time he moved into the Juliette Fowler Homes off Abrams Road in East Dallas.

That changed last night, when police say Silva stabbed a fellow resident, 73-year-old Harrell Griesenbeck, in the lobby of the assisted living center. Silva then called 911 and told the dispatcher where he and Griesenbeck could be found. Greissenbeck was then taken to Baylor, where he was pronounced dead.

Juliette Fowler Homes CEO Sabrina Porter told the Morning News that police are investigating the stabbing.

"I will tell you these were two independent-living residents in independent apartments," Porter said. "They take care of themselves, and they just got into a scuffle. We don't know more than that. There were no witnesses."

Silva was taken to the Dallas County Jail, where he's being held on a $500,000 bond.

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Better Treats and Eats in the Big House.

BTW a Man has a right to  wear what ever hat  he wants and should expect to be free of assault.... 

observist topcommenter

"he had on a red hat so I decided I was going to kill him"

Linux snobs are so frickin' touchy.


i'm putting my red hat away for awhile


This could've been prevented if his neighbor was packing heat...

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

I googled the Homes and it looks fairly decent from the outside.  The Fowler people apparently are allowing people with serious criminal histories into their nursing residences.  Not good.


too bad someone packin' heat didn't shoot this mad dog years ago fer burglin' their home.  if our bad joke of a justice system had kept it locked up...instead of tellin' the victim he would be arrested fer packin' heat in the 'common areas' of his apartment....as it's highly unlikely victim was chl


Hello, Gorgeous.


We clearly need Nursing Home control, because unlimited access to Nursing Homes kills people.


Me too. Streisand becomes you Myrna.  "Hello, Gorgeous" were her first lines in "Funny Girl"...(Perfection)

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