Two Burglars Stunned a 74-Year-Old With a Cattle Prod During a Home Invasion Yesterday

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On Sunday afternoon, 74-year-old Dale Jordan was napping in his living room when he awoke to find a man dressed in all black creeping through his Red Bird apartment. When he ran to the kitchen to grab a knife, the man fled to the rear bedroom and back out the window he had came through. Police responded to the apartment, in the 7400 block of Chesterfield Drive, filled out an incident report, and left.

The next night, at 8 p.m., there was a knock. A man in an orange shirt was standing at his front door and wanted to know if Johnny were home. "No," Jordan said, and closed and locked the door.

There were three minutes of silence. Then, the door flew open as two men dressed in all black charged through and came after Jordan with a cattle prod, shocking him on both arms and throwing him to the ground where they ordered him to remain, face-down, until they left.

It didn't take long. The men were after Jordan's 32-inch LCD TV, which they promptly took. Jordan never got a good look at their faces and could give police few details. He was pretty sure about the cattle prod part, though.

You might be wondering what, exactly, it feels like to be zapped by a cattle prod. Luckily, we have Mythbusters for that.

"It hurt like hell," host Adam Savage explains. "It's like getting smashed in the chest by a two-by-four."

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drtz 2 days ago
I would take my chances one-on-one vs a 'Goliath' over, well, anybody with a Glock. Besides, nowadays we have tazers which are safer, cheaper, easier to use, and most importantly more effective at stopping an assailant than a gun.


So they used two cattle prods ($70 each on Amazon - total $140) to get 1 tv (cost $199 on amazon).  Not much of a profit margin...



" A man in an orange shirt was standing at his front door and wanted to know if Johnny were home."

This is not a correct use of the subjunctive mood. "If Johnny were home, he would have kicked those black-clad thugs in the nuts and then charred those fuckers' already-smarting gonads with their own goddamn cattle prod." is correct.


Liberal idiots on DO blog right about one thing finally...

Stun guns ARE just as effective for burglarizing the unarmed elderly as a firearm.

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