Tom Corea's Mistress is Charged With Stealing More Than $20,000 From His Clients

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Mary Shannon McCarty
Last year, Jennifer Corea was convicted of burglary and criminal mischief after she attacked, then rammed the car of, a woman accused of having an affair with her husband, disgraced attorney Tom Corea.

(We now know from a incident report later released by Waxahachie police that Jennifer Corea's daughter was present at the confrontation and screamed obscenities at the woman, who she accused of being a whore and home wrecker; that Tom Corea had met the woman through the online escort service Eccie; and that Jennifer Corea told police that her husband was a sex addict.)

But the collateral damage from the train wreck that is Tom Corea's life isn't limited to his immediate family. Last week, his office manager-turned-mistress, Mary Shannon McCarty, was arrested during a traffic stop by Red Oak police on a Dallas County warrant. McCarty, 30, is charged with misapplying somewhere between $20,000 and $100,000 entrusted to Corea's practice.

The indictment filed last month by Dallas County prosecutors gives few specifics, other than to say that the money came from settlements due to a woman named Sabrina Fox and that McCarty put it to her own use. No court appearance has been scheduled for McCarty, who bailed out of Red Oak jail the morning following the arrest.

She'll soon have another shot at a star turn in a Dallas County courtroom, as she had back in November when a judge puzzled over how Corea's legal files wound up in her apartment.

Of course, maybe she's turned over a new leaf, as she declared on Facebook in the hours after her arrest.

"My past does not determine who I am," she wrote. "My past has prepared me for who I'm going to become. God has given me a new beginning, a fresh start and I'm embracing every second of it!!"

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A couple of things...

1. This little mistress or admin assistant, whatever she is, is a HUGE upgrade from his wife. Simply reference the previous article about Mrs. Corea.

2. Unless she was posting about God before all this happened, she's full of shit. Stop using God as your shield because you're a fuckup.


this woman is merely a physical carrying case for a pussy.


"I'm embracing every second of it!"

"...well, except for those seconds when I get pulled over.  And those hours in jail.  And those minutes whenever I face any former clients in person.  And those hours whenever I even think about the people I ripped off.  Other than that, every second!"


If  Allegedly one  only has  enough ill gotten gains for a Shopping Spree at Target 

You are doing it wrong !


maybe the Observer should start a seperate blog for these entries.


@oakclifftownie agreed but I'd be willing to bet Ms. McCarty thinks De Beers can be found on aisle 9. I don't know, I'm just sayin'.

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