The Morning News is Leering at Rob Ryan's 16-Year-Old Son

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On Thursday, as the tremors from Jerry Jones' shakeup at Valley Ranch continued to reverberate, Morning News entertainment editor Rand Duren seized the moment.

"It was announced yesterday that the Dallas Cowboys have fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan," he wrote on the paper's Whatever Blog, "and while that may be sad news for Ryan and his family I have decided we should switch focus to Ryan's son Joe."

What follows is a slideshow showing young Joe striking a variety of poses: the moody, pensive model; the loving boyfriend; the bared torso; the Zoolander. I'll give him this: He's better looking than his dad.

But in a basically identical post on the News property Pegasus News, Duren -- the author of such recent posts as shirtless Bachelor Sean Lowe and nearly naked Bachelor Sean Lowe -- lets his hair down a bit.

"He's our new favorite of the family," reads the slideshow caption. "How can you resist those eyes?" The piece's subhead reads, simply, "Hubba Hubba."

The Observer's not above the occasional good-looking-person slideshow, but we try to keep our "Hubba, hubbas" to a whisper.

Oh, and also: The kid is 16.

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scottindallas topcommenter

I thought this was gonna be a rant against these kind of puff pieces of celebrity children, offering vacuous puffery while ignoring many other more talented (in more challenging artforms than modeling) kids who are hosting shows and putting on productions.  Nope, you just echoed the gossip. 


Everyone touched by Eric's concern needs to set aside their Full House & Teen Mom DVD's & get ready for next month's DFW "book" burning at the Klyde. 

Modeling 2.0 - now with 15% less objectification!

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