The Cowboys and Stars Had a Very Brief Twitter Feud, Then They Made Up

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MikeModano Stanley Cup.jpg

Yesterday morning whoever handles the Dallas Cowboys official Twitter feed (probably Jerry Jones) let their feelings be known about the return of NHL hockey. They quickly deleted the Tweet, but not before it was captured by @D_LEED


Whoops. This did not please the Stars, who responded in kind.

This being a not-so-subtle jab at Tony Romo's tendency to collapse in crunch time. The Cowboys, thoroughly shamed, quickly walked it back.

And then:

Glad things are patched up. Meanwhile, the Stanley Cup briefly returned to Dallas recently not in the hands of a Star but of Los Angeles Kings defenseman Alec Martinez, who took it swimming, went to the club, cuddled it while he watched TV, and used it as a cereal container. The Los Angeles Times has a slideshow.

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This is how this played out in my head......

CB twit - Nobody cares about hockey

Stars twit - Your main guy blows monkey nuts

CB guys stews on that and in his head says, "Man that ain't cool, I
better apologize."

CB twit - Sorry, you guys are awesome!

Stars dude says to himself, "That's what I thought biatch!"

Stars twit - Yeah, whatever.



"our apologies for an accidental post to our account or whatever." Sounds like the cowboys should fire their dipshit "social media guru" if that's the case. 

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

<makes pithy remark about the lack of bearing that this has on personal life while making snarky comments about the juvenile nature of both twitter posters, then leaves and goes to the next story>


Can someone please OUT the person that tweeted this... the over/under on their age has to be 25.


The Cowboys tweet is a a stark reminder of what a totally classless organization the Cowboys became once the carpetbagger form Arkansas bought the team.

Danny Alcazar
Danny Alcazar

Skateboarding is fun to watch, I wish I had the ability to do those tricks. I wish I had the ability to go forward. On another note I'm glad the Stars are back.


Posted accidentally? What a lame-ass excuse. Own up to some front office peon being a dick and be done with it.

The Stars response makes me like them more. The best Twitter feed in the NHL is the Kings though.

Shane Thomas
Shane Thomas

Really, Cowboys? I don't think anyone from the Cowboys organization needs to say anything bad about anyone right now. Maybe mix in a playoff win now and then and they can talk trash.


god I love skateboarding. team sports are lame.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@Scruffygeist yeah it can happen, if the guy has his own account and forgot he was logged in as the cowboys its fairly explainable...But still this is rather funny

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