Texas Conservative Groups Are Dismissing a Republican-Backed School Safety Plan as "Just Another Tax"

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott
On Tuesday, the same day two men opened fire at Houston's Lone Star Community College, a bipartisan trio of state lawmakers unveiled a plan aimed at reducing school violence.

Dubbed the Texas School District Safety Act, the measure would allow voters to approve special taxing districts that would pay for the cost of additional security measures at K-12 campuses.

One of the authors, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Tommy Williams, a Republican from The Woodlands, called the bill "a Texas solution to save lives without sacrificing and trampling our freedoms," according to the Austin American-Statesman. Another, Houston Democrat John Whitmire, emphasized that it offered "local option, local control." It was greeted by the Texas PTA as a "measured, conservative approach."

But it wasn't quite conservative enough for three of Texas' most influential conservative groups. In a press release today, and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility dismissed the proposal out of hand, referring to it as "well-intentioned legislation that appeals to the emotions of lawmakers and citizens but will prove ineffective" and "just another tax."

"School shootings are horrendous and every taxpayer wants kids safe in schools," they say in the release. "However, citizens should realize that the proposed legislation is a tax increase that is not going to make their schools safer."

Their contention is that taxpayers are already paying plenty in taxes to combat school violence, the rate of which has been declining since 1993. They point to the proliferation of special taxing districts in recent years, a phenomenon chronicled by Texas Comptroller Susan Combs in her "Texas Its Your Money" series of publications, which, despite the rhetoric they are couched in, are actually pretty useful.

It's not surprising that Americans for Prosperity, Empower Texans and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility would go after a proposal that maybe, might possibly lead to higher taxes. That's what they do. But it does yet another layer of complexity to the already byzantine gun debate simmering in the Legislature.

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Sure stop funding Government schools But what about Friday night Football ?

What if that kind on Daft thinking were to reach The publicly funded State Collage and University level ?

What would folks do on Saturday Afternoon in the Fall ? 

You anti government school folks are Just anti Football and Anti the American Way !



I already pay too much for gov't schools.  Make them fire a duh-versity bureaucritter or two and hire some useful folk like off-duty LEOs.


Is Lone Star College located anywhere near the Pabst Institute of Technology or Pearl University?

scottindallas topcommenter

Hey, why not simply shutter ALL the schools.  Bam, overnight, ZERO school shootings and LOWER TAXES. 

scottindallas topcommenter

@keepcensoringDO whatever.  Of more use, and more intimidating is a Shotgun.  Hearing the action roll, is scary and unmistakable.  Further, a shotgun would be of more tactical advantage than an AR. 

RTGolden1 topcommenter

@scottindallas @keepcensoringDO That a shotgun is a tactically superior choice for home defense is undeniable.  An AR or similar firearm is probably too high velocity and with way too much penetration for home defense.  That does not negate the point of the article.  As for KCDO, who knows what point he was trying to make.


@RTGolden1 @scottindallas @keepcensoringDO 12ga & 000 buck is my choice, but an AR in 5.56 has several things going for it, one of which is LESS penetration through drywall than either buckshot or any of the common pistol chamberings.

As far as tactically superior, that depends on the environment & circumstances.  For me, that is a 12ga.  Maybe other folks determine otherwise.


@RTGolden1 @scottindallas @keepcensoringDO Funny thing is, freedom means we get to choose the weapons of our choice to defend ourselves.  And you get to Monday morning quarterback.  

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