Mark Banta, the President of Klyde Warren Park, Resigned Today

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Mark Banta
Klyde Warren Park has drawn nearly universal praise since it opened three months ago, charming even Schutze into dropping his cynical scowl for a time. That's what makes today's news that KWP president Mark Banta is quitting so surprising.

Banta's not talking about why he's leaving, offering only a brief, generic statement in the press release announcing his departure.

"Most people get one opportunity to be a part of a game-changing project like Klyde Warren Park," he said in the statement. "Including my tenure at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, I have had two. I am so proud to have helped contribute to the final project and to the public response Klyde Warren Park has received. Special thanks to the Woodall Rogers Park Foundation for the opportunity to play a small part in this amazing project."

Jody Grant, president of Woodall Rogers Park Foundation, offered little more in a statement to the news.

"Many have contributed to the launch of Klyde Warren Park, but Mark's expertise and leadership during the last year have been invaluable," said Grant. "Mark's official mantra of 'clean, safe and active' will always be a part of how we run the park."

Grant's in a meeting, but we've been promised he'll call back soon.

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scottindallas topcommenter

where's my comment posted yesterday about my concerns about the Trees in the deck park?  The Bald Cypresses will hopefully die, so they can be replaced with a better suited tree.  Cypresses have deep tap roots and like a lot of water.  I haven't been to the park since it's been completed, but this Summer will reveal some issues that a local contractor should have caught. 


The new president of Klyde Warren Park will be Klyde Warren. Didn't Kelcy Warren say that Klyde would work there?

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