The Hurst Cop Who Told a Teen to "Move and F-ing Die" Thought This Advice Was "Helpful"

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Disraeli Arnold
Late last week the Hurst Police Department announced that officer Disraeli Arnold, who delivered a flying knee during the arrest 17-year-old Andrew Rodriguez for a trespassing warrant, would be "suspended indefinitely," which the police chief has said basically means "fired."

The reason for Arnold's termination wasn't the flying knee, which an internal affairs investigation determined landed on Rodriguez' back and shoulders and did not constitute unreasonable force Rather, it was his language, which included such measured instructions as "Move and fuckin' die!" and "Move so I can fuck you up!"

To his bosses at Hurst PD and anyone who saw the video, this was pretty clearly an outrageous response to a scrawny teenager who was already pretty well subdued. But Arnold disagrees.

"Regarding my use of strong language during this incident, although I believe it was helpful in the circumstance, in the future, I will stay away from the use of profanity unless I feel it is absolutely necessary," he wrote in a response to internal affairs investigators.

Arnold does not elaborate on what situations would require him to scream "Move and fuckin' die!" -- A botched fast food order? A fussy infant on an airplane? The old lady counting pennies in front of him at the grocery store? -- but his threshold doesn't seem very high.

This is what disturbed Hurst Police Chief Steve Moore. In Arnold's dismissal letter, obtained today by WFAA, he wrote that he was "deeply concerned" by Arnold's failure to recognize the inappropriateness of his actions."

Moore wrote that he didn't feel those threats "were necessary during this or any incident" and is "concerned [Arnold] will repeat this behavior again."

He still may, but not as a Hurst police officer.

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Well, all good things must end.  I'm sure it was fun while it lasted. Next stop: a small Texas town's police force.


again, if these kids did not have the video tape the investigation would have never gone anywhere ... 

wonder how many other IA reports against this officer were dismissed?



I've gotten two tickets in the past 10 years that I've lived here(one in Richardson and one in Plano) and the cops have initially been dicks both times. After they realize that I'm not going to pull a gun and shoot them and finish with my yes sirs and ok it won't happen again, they're perfectly fine. Still makes me scratch my head that they have to be a-holes in the first place during a traffic stop, but I guess that's something only people in the force will understand. I've heard things like "do you know how many cops are gunned down during a traffic stop?" to "well he was just having a bad day".

The problem here is, I pay taxes in those areas and I'd like to be treated with a little respect. I'd like to see some of that "ticket money" go to mandatory anger management counseling or human ethics courses.


Just another idiot with a complex given a gun and badge..


Another Fuckin MORON fired from a local police force ,Arnold Your a pussy!


Well, hey, man. Sometimes profanity IS "absolutely necessary." Is there a fuckwit among us who disagrees?

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

I just love these "feel good" type blog posts.

everlastingphelps topcommenter

And people think I'm crazy for not calling the police to "help" me.


@DirtyP1 Guess what dude? Both the City of Richardson and the City of Plano city councils have FAILED to create the Police Departments by Ordinance, as REQUIRED by their very own charter.  This means they have no actual Police Department, which means they are FAKE Officers.  They've got guns and badges, but no lawful authority.  What we need to do is get a massive CLASS ACTION SUIT going against the cities that have failed to create the police departments, and SHUT THEM DOWN! The City of Balch Spring, however, did it right!  They enacted the Ordinance that created the department, viewable online.  The list of cities that have failed to create Police Departments is long, and we are still continuing to search the Charters of other cities: Plano, Richardson, Garland, Mesquite, Dallas, Waxahachie, ALL are void by not doing it right from the beginning.  

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