A 28-Year-Old Dallas Man Was Found Dead at the Adolphus Hotel on New Year's Eve

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Patric Turner
On New Year's Eve, nine minutes before the ball dropped on Times Square, police arrived at the Adolphus Hotel, Room 1809, to find the body of 28-year-old Patric Turner.

It's not clear from the police report if there were other people in the room, or drugs or alcohol, just that there was "no sign of trauma," per Dallas police spokesman Demarquis Black.

Turner was, according to Facebook and LinkedIn, in the prime of his life, a recently married graduate of Cistercian and A&M's business school who'd launched a promising career as an commercial insurance broker at McQueary Hentry Bowles Troy. Then he went to the Adolphus to celebrate New Years and didn't come back.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner will make the final determination of cause of death, which will likely take a few weeks.

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Brian Nesbitt
Brian Nesbitt

With every Eric article I read, my longing for the days of Wilonski grows.


If you're going to do a crime watch, you ought to at least do the criminal research.  For example, you might have mentioned that police/arrest/court records indicate that Turner was evidently awaiting trial for stealing a bunch of stuff from Walmart.

Montemalone topcommenter

The crime and death blotter is getting old.

There has to be some other interesting stuff going on in Dallas to fill this blog. I know your predecessor managed to find things. Please try. Anyone can go to the DPD website and read the crime stats. We want the interesting, quirky, fun, odd, not to be found anywhere stuff. Okay?

Already today, RW enlightened me about Ron Chapman of Dallas radio and TV fame, and it wasn't on the DPD website.


@Montemalone yeah ol' Flying Fingers definitely drew folks to this site, like flies to honey.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@Montemalone and I read about a new office tower in the arts district that is finally permitted after 25 yrs of hype

(Just giving ya'll hell Eric, didnt want anyone to think I had changed my stripes over my two weeks away :P)

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