Bloomberg Offers Conclusive Evidence that the Cowboys Are Still America's Team

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Tom Landry, the spiritual father of the Cowboys' social media prowess.
When, in the lead-up to the final game of the Cowboys 2012 season, the rest of America unanimously threw its support behind the Washington Redskins, haters everywhere gleefully declared the death of "America's Team."

That assessment seemed to be borne out on the field, where Tony Romo and the Cowboys put a bow on their hoped-for playoff berth and handed it to a still relatively able-bodied RG III.

Bloomberg seems to think those obituaries are a bit premature.

"Love 'em or hate 'em, the numbers say the Cowboys really are America's team," Bloomberg reporter Scarlet Fu tells us in a short video segment.

Those numbers she's referring to would be the always-reliable metric of Facebook likes. The financial wizards at Bloomberg have discovered that the Cowboys have 5.3 million Facebook supporters, 10 percent of the total for all NFL teams and a couple million more than the second-place Steelers.

Bloomberg even has a county-by-county breakdown of the Cowboys' Facebook support, showing deep blue through most of Texas, plus isolated pockets in places like Virginia and Wyoming.

So there you have it. You can't argue with science.

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Let's see.  Take the second most populous state that happens to be much more into football at all levels than the most populous state and add that the only in-state NFL competitor is almost the same as an expansion team.  Guess what - all out of proportion Facebook likes, Tweets, and other meaningless measures of approval. You would think America's Team would have a measure of geographic range.


and Jerry's not losing any money, desite putting out a mediocre product. for years. i'm still a loyal fan. go figure.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

@ChrisYu  You are a Jerry enabler. You know in your heart he won't change unless you let him hit bottom.

You should give your money and loyalty to a really great franchise - like Green Bay.

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