Ona Marie Hendricks, Anti-Sagging Crusader, Is Running for Dallas City Council

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Ona Marie Hendricks
Ona Marie Hendricks' theory on urban sartorial choice is more developed than most.

"There are two types of saggers," she explained to Fox 4's Steve Eagar a few months ago. "There is the ridiculous, nasty, disrespectful type where, like, everything is showing up under, where you can see everything, and then there is 'casual' sagging. Casual sagging is when like you can't see the underwear but if you were to raise your hand up you could see it, but you just can't visually see it with your shirt hanging down."

The former is worse, but both types of sagging are distasteful, which is why Hendricks has developed a relatively non-confrontational method for convincing strangers to pull up their pants.

"There would be some type of eye contact, I would wave and say ... 'Hi, you look nice today,'" she told Eagar. "And most men, they'd be like 'Oh, OK. Thanks.' And then I'd say 'I love your eyes. I love your hair.' And then I'd look down at their pants and say, 'Your pants are falling,' and kind of turn it into a humorous situation."

For the past five years, Hendricks has been a foot soldier in Councilman Dwaine Caraway's anti-sagging crusade. Last year, she helped spearhead the effort to recruit more women to the cause, on the theory that women have a unique and powerful influence on the decisions of young men.

At Caraway's "Saggin' Pants Forum" last September in City Hall, she even let loose on a Skyline High School student who defended her boyfriend's low-slung pants.

"When somebody takes your man, don't feel bad," Hendricks told her at the event. "Don't feel bad, but he'll respect her more than he respects you." The girl left the room in tears.

Hendricks hopes to bring her message back to City Hall, albeit this time from a seat at the horseshoe. Last week, she filed a campaign treasurer appointment with the City Secretary's Office last week indicating she's challenging Carolyn Davis for her District 7 seat.

I've left a message on her cell phone for more details on why she's decided to throw her hat in the ring and what other issues she hopes to tackle. We know at least that she'll support any and all belt-tightening efforts.

If you're curious, here's Hendricks' full Fox 4 interview:

Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com

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One of the remarkable things about the anti-sagging campaign is that they tried to convince men that wearing baggy, saggy pants is "gay" because you show your ass. Though I'm pretty sure no actual self-respecting gay man would ever be caught dead wearing baggy and saggy pants. (You want to wear tight pants that hug your legs and ass.)

But then I think the campaign also railed against skinny jeans, too: http://www.dallasvoice.com/dwaine-caraway-10119470.html

Well, what the hell for? Snobs.


Your 15 minutes of fame starts now!!!!

observist topcommenter

I hear the DCC is starting a new campaign:  "If you don't want to pull your pants up, you don't want Dallas to be World Class."

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

The fastest way to get kids to stop the saggin' is for guys like Caraway to take up the style.

Nothing nips a fashion trend in the bud like old-guys trying on the look.


and then there's World Class sagging, like in our new park or on our new bridge.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

@observist @TheCredibleHulk 

Yeah, mores the shame. Seems like that trend is downright mainstream, anymore.

There's nothing more disappointing to me than seeing an attractive young lady all inked up. 'Cause, honey, that pretty, colorful unicorn you got at age 21 - it's gonna' look like a sway-back glue factory reject on you by the time you hit 50.

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