Watch Thieves Smash Truck Through Glass Door, Steal Absurd Amount of Rangers Merchandise

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The video above was taken at about 2:30 a.m. on Decenber 1 from inside the Texas Rangers store on McKinney Avenue. If you'll watch carefully -- or really if you just keep your eyes open -- you'll see the taillights of a white Ford pickup creep slowly backward, then smash through the glass door.

Two of the vehicle's occupants then jump out and start schooping up merchandise. It's hard to tell exactly how much they took what with the stop-motion video, and its not specified in the incident report. It's clear, though, that they scooped up as many Rangers shirts, jerseys, caps, and whatever else they could fit in their arms and that they made several trips.

This happened on the same night someone busted a hole in the wall of the Apple Store on Knox Street.

Anyone with information regarding the suspects or the vehicle is asked to call Detective E.S. Keller of the Dallas Police Department Central Investigative Unit at 214-670-5053 or Crime Stoppers at 214-373-TIPS.

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They should've called me, I have a Nap and a Hambone shirtsey I'd give them.


This is what happens in a discount-obsessed society. I blame groupon.


It's too bad they didn't knock the entire ugly building down in the process although I would have settled for them just destroying that tacky store.

Who is in Uptown that wants to buy a bunch of ugly overpriced Rangers crap? Affliction shirts maybe, but Rangers?

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