Watch an Arlington Golf Pro Swing 14-Foot Golf Club, Break World Record

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Michael Furrh is an Arlington golf pro who, according to his Facebook profile, splits his time between working in the pro shop at Rolling Hills Country Club, training caddies at Caddie Club Golf and swinging ridiculously long golf clubs.

Last week was Furrh's first, unofficial shot at the Guinness World Record for longest usable golf club. The mark was set in 2009 by a Dane, Karsten Maas, who drove a ball 134.5 yards using a 13-foot-5-inch club. As you can see in the video posted after the jump, Furrh bests both numbers, using a 14-foot-2.5-inch driver to hit the ball 144 yards down a Rolling Hills Fairway.

That was just a trial run for his formal attempt, which happened today at The Golf Club at Castle Hills in Lewisville. According to a Facebook post, he did it again, using the same driver to knock the ball 146 yards.

(h/t Fox 4)

Also, if you're curious, here's Furrh hitting a ball 260 yards off a 6-foot tee.

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he's looking for a tall caddy.


@M_Scott09 @mattyo2929 @goodridge72 ahahaha that's pretty serious.

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