Walmart Reportedly Wants to Buy Hostess, Get Stranglehold on World's Twinkie Supply

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Walmart has tried, failed to make a Twinkie before.
The idea that the Twinkie, so long a staple of America's culinary landscape and fat kids' lunch boxes, would disappear forever once Hostess went bankrupt was always laughable. And now that the company is officially in the process of shutting down, a clearer picture is emerging of who might inherit Hostess' extensive line of snack cakes.

Walmart's a possibility. Bloomberg reported yesterday that the retailer is one of about two dozen companies to submit bids for all or part of the Hostess empire. It's not clear from the story which one Walmart is aiming for.

There are other big-name bidders. Kroger is one; the baking giant Bimbo is another. But Walmart, with its vociferously anti-union culture and thousands of snack food aisles, seems like an ideal fit.

Whatever winds up happy will take some time to play out. Hostess executives didn't give themselves such large bonuses for fun.

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Please enlighten us on what a vociferous anti-union climate has to do with buying the recipe fo a snack product and having one of many factories make it. One more stupid statement in a long line of stupid statements on this blog.


It actually is understandable that Walmart and Kroger want to buy Hostess. Hostess' bakeries were one of the major suppliers for the cheapo generic white bread that most people in the USA like to buy. I know of people in other parts of the country who saw almost all of the generic bread gone from their local store shelves within days of Hostess shutting down. 


@MikeWestEast The connection is this...Hostess blamed their labor unions for their high costs, as opposed to going after other sources of high costs- such as the artificially high price of suger caused by tariffs to support a handful of sugar moguls in Florida.

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