The State Fair is Taking Donations to Pay For Big Tex, Who Sends Along a Slightly Morbid Holiday Greeting

Big Tex as Santa.jpg
State Fair of Texas

For now, the State Fair of Texas is sticking to its story that Big Tex wasn't reduced to a scorched metal frame during this summer's conflagration but instead is recuperating at an undisclosed Texas spa. Not only that, but he's well enough to send a holiday greeting that the fair passed along this morning.

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From the Christmas missive, we learn that Big Tex thinks enough of himself to write in the third person, is fond of making macabre references to his "accident" ("Thanks also to those at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas who are giving Big Tex a helping hand to get this message delivered. Big Tex needs that hand because right now his own hands are not real useful, know what he means?") and believes, falsely, that he once had a laugh with Elvis ("Big Tex reminded him his first name is still Big, and that nobody much knew or cared about Elvis' last name. 'You're just Elvis,' Big Tex said. Well, Elvis must have thought that was pretty funny. He laughed and said, 'We ain't nothing but a couple of hound dogs, you know it?")

We also learn that Big Tex's spa bill is going to be a bit higher than anticipated and that the State Fair is taking donations. Spokeswoman Sue Gooding told the Morning News that the late cowboy's insurance policy was for $200,000, while rebuild costs could be three times as much. She told Unfair Park that people have been begging to give the State Fair money to restore Big Tex since before his ashes were even cool. Now they can, via this website.

It should also be noted that the photo above is real. Big Tex started life in Kerens, Texas, as the world's tallest (not to mention creepiest) Santa. State Fair President R.L. Thornton bought him for $750 in 1951 and had him repurposed by artist Jack Bridges.

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Oy, they must be "improving" Big Tex.  There is no way Big Tex could cost $600k.  I really wish they wouldn't.  Why don't they just buy the old head from the guy in Waxahachie?  That head is actually creepier than the old-new head.

I thought that Allan Walne was running such a great operation out there that there were no financial problems that could cover this expense.


Heck, this is simple:  Sell the naming rights.  Imagine..."Subway's Big Tex"..."Big Tex by Burger King"...or how about "Viagra's Big Tex"?


Isn't that statue owned by a for-profit entity that turns a handsome profit? Am I missing something here?


@ruddski I was telling my wife that same thing when she told me they were taking donations. I mean, really? This would be like the Jones' asking the public for money to build their Cowboys stadium.

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