Texas Nationalist Movement Has a PAC Now, Are Pretty Sure They're Becoming a "Political Force"

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It's getting near Christmas, and as far as we're aware, Texas has yet to secede from the Union. Even Governor Rick Perry thinks it's a bad idea, and he looks like the sort of man who'd snort wasabi on a bet.

But the Texas Nationalist Movement is still feeling pretty optimistic about the whole secession thing (even though the link above, courtesy of Gawker, explains that we can't actually do that, nor can any other state). We first wrote about TNM just after the election, when TNM's president, Daniel Miller, called President Obama's re-election "a descent into the final destruction of the republican form of government envisioned by the Founders of the United States and Texas."

Just yesterday, TNM managed to get a U.S. News & World Report columnist to write about their "skyrocketing membership" and "slammed website," although she does note that the only source for those claims is TNM themselves.

Meanwhile, TNM's "media coordinator" Dave Mundy writes on their website that the group is becoming "a political force to reckon with in the Lone Star state." He knows this because of Facebook likes.

Mundy notes that TNM's Facebook page "has topped 33,500 'likes,'" more than either the Texas Democratic or Republican Party official pages." That's correct, although, to be fair, Texas Republicans are probably just busy enjoying their absolute hold on the Legislature, or else waiting for their grandchildren to come over and show them how Facebook works. The Texas Democrats, meanwhile, have allowed themselves to get drawn into a pissing contest with the secessionists over Facebook likes, which they are losing (a feeling they should be used to, being Texas Democrats).

"We realize that yes, it's just Facebook, and there's no way to really equate that to votes," Mundy quotes Miller as saying. "But I think it's indicative of the growing interest in who we are and what we're doing. We've brought the issue of Texas independence into the mainstream."

Mundy adds, "Could the TNM be considering mounting a 'third-party' run at state offices in 2014?" He could probably answer that rhetorical question, since he's part of the group he's writing about. But instead, he quotes Miller again, who says it "may be premature to forecast."

"We're going to continue to work with our elected officials at the local and state level," Miller says. "There are a lot of issues in addition to independence that we can weigh in on. It would do little good to win Texas independence if we have the same old people in charge, all we'd be doing is trading one bad system for another."

TNM appears to be serious about upping their political involvement, though; as Mother Jones noted today, they filed paperwork Tuesday with the Texas Ethics Commission, appointing a treasurer for the newly formed Texas Nationalist Movement Political Action Committee. MJ correctly notes that Rick Perry probably can't expect a donation, but that the the guy who changed his middle name to SECEDE is likely first in line.

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Montemalone topcommenter

Let's just wall off Dallas, Travis, Bexar, Harris, and El Paso counties and let the kooks have the rest.  That's a god part of the population and economy of the state. Let the armageddon crowd have the rest.


If Facebook likes are the true judge of power cute kittens would rule the Earth mercilessly.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

Facebook "likes"? *chuckle*

Whatizisguy, 13? Does he also post all of his favorite Taylor Swift song lyrics on his page?


@thetruetexan64 Who is feeding you this garbage? The McLaren's owned the private prison. And "Overton, TX" is soon to be due for a minor FRAKING earthquake! BWAHAHA!!!! 2.3/66/17  


TNM president Daniel Miller is the final destruction of the republican form ofgovernment envisioned by the Founders of the United States and Texas.  Wake up Texas and America - Little Hitler has a new name!   Daniel Miller been slowly working his destruction since 1994. Thanks to Facebook he has a bigger voice.  True Texan do not want this movement.  This is the same person who used to call himself "Republic of Texas President Miller"  Here President Miller past:

The "Republic of Texas" is a group of individuals that claims that the annexation of Texas by the United States was illegal and that Texas remains an independent nation under occupation. Group activists draw on Tenther political thinking to advocate their ideas. The issue of the Legal status of Texas led the group to claim to reinstate a provisional government on December 13, 1995. Activists within the movement claim over 40,000 active supporters; however, there is no widespread popular support for an independent Texas. The movement split into three factions in 1996, one led by McLaren, one by David Johnson and Jesse Enloe, and the third by Archie Lowe and Daniel Miller. In 1997 McLaren and his followers kidnapped Joe and Margaret Ann Rowe, held them hostage at the Fort Davis Resort, and demanded the release of two movement members in exchange for the Rowes. McLaren's wife, Evelyn, convinced him to surrender peacefully after a week-long standoff with police and Texas Rangers. The McLarens and four other Republic of Texas members were sent to prison, which effectively destroyed the McLaren faction; the Johnson-Enloe faction was discredited after two of its members, Jack Abbot Grebe Jr. and Johnie Wise, were convicted in 1998 of threatening to assassinate several government officials, including President Bill Clinton.

In 2003 what remained of the movement consolidated into one dominant group recognizing the current "interim" government (which replaced the "provisional" government), headed by President Daniel Miller. This interim government claims authority from the original proclamations of 1995 and set up a seat of government in the town of Overton, Texas. Most of the original personalities of the movement have disappeared from public view. Finance has come from donations and the sale of some items such as a Republic of Texas passport. The Republic of Texas headquarters in Overton burned down on August 31, 2005; one person was moderately injured. A separate movement, called the "Texas Convention Pro-Continuation 1861" (TCPC) claims to be the official authority "recognized by the State of Texas and the United States Government for the contemporary effort to bring to power, by popular vote of the People of Texas, the government of the Republic of Texas

mavdog topcommenter

this is great comic relief.

it should get even funnier.


Dissent and political agitation are a good thing. The Occupy movement was essentially a secessionist movement, from reality, and lotsa folks were quite jazzed about it. Including Barack and Nancy, and as I recall, the folks at DO.



(Tap-tap-tap) The Texas Nationalist Movement is NOT, repeat NOT, associated in any shape, form or fashion with the old Republic of Texas group. But you already knew that, you just wanted to throw out some "facts" to push your smear agenda.It's pathetic that the people who talk so much about showing "tolerance" show nothing but intolerance, bigotry, irrational hatred and violence toward anyone who disagrees with them.


@oakclifftownie I was about to say, does no one remember the crazy shit the Republic of Texas group got into during the 90's? six of these guys were sent to PRISON for what amounts to domestic terrorism, and Daniel Miller was in the thick of it with them at the time. Yes, these people are dipshits, but they have a history of violence that I feel is getting downplayed a little. 

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

@Montemalone @Scruffygeist Ours constantly want to know when we are going to the pet store ... and why is the food bowl not full to overflowing .... and please scratch my ears ... and now leave me alone I want to sleep ...


@dave_bayouphoto @thetruetexan64  ReTAP

I guess President Danny - Little Hitler forgot to tell you. On Facebook he put "founded 1994. "  That funny - this is the same year as the Republic of Texas Secession movement Dec 1994. Who happens to be the same person Daniel Miller -  With the same title - President.  I am not the one who wants to take the whole State out of the Union. Your Hitler movement is.  I am a Native Texan! Dave  - Do me and the other Texan a big favor and go to the State department and give up your citizenship. I love America and Texas.  Your group and little Hitler can leave.


@thetruetexan64 @dave_bayouphoto I think it is pretty clear from your facts that Miller is not associated with the Republic of Texas folks. At least not once it became clear they were nut jobs. He and others split off and formed the Texas Nationalist Movement. Now you don't have to agree with the premise of an Independent Texas, and the TNM may not be the ideal group to lead it even if you do. But you are spreading misinformation about Miller and the TNM. I presume you are doing this intentionally to discredit the proposition of an Independent Texas. Why don't you just stick to the facts and debate the real issue? Why should Texas remain part of the USA?

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