You Can Seek Mark Cuban's Advice for the Low, Low Price of $10,000 Per Hour

Why one would feel the need to seek Mark Cuban's advice, seeing as he doles it out readily on his blog, his reality show, in a dirt-cheap e-book, and via whatever other medium happens to be at hand, is beyond me.

But if that's not quite enough and you're still looking to pick his brain, you now have a direct line. It'll just cost $166 per minute, or roughly 300 times what those ladies in the back of the Observer charge for their advice.

Cuban is one of some 7,000 experts who have signed up to give advice through Clarity, a startup web app that connects aspiring entrepreneurs with established ones.

"New entrepreneurs don't always know the right people, and those with extensive business knowledge don't always want to talk," company founder Dan Martell explained to Wired. "I create Clarity to link up the people who need advice with those who are willing to give it."

Some experts work pro bono. Others, like Cuban, who invested in the company, do not. And it's not like you can call him at 2 a.m. to talk about your cold sores. There are built-in privacy protections, and the experts determine what topics they're willing to talk about and which requests they accept and which ones they deny.

That said, if you have your credit card, Mark Cuban is standing by.

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I have a question. I have been able to put together a championship winning team after many, many years of trying and failing. Now, there are one or two key contributors from my championship team that are free agents - should I spend a little money in the hopes of continuing to play for championships or should I blow the team up and waste the next several years of my star player's talent in the hope that for the first time ever a superstar free agent would agree to join my team?

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