Museum Tower's Latest Salvo in Battle with Nasher Features Danny Glover and Is Pretty Bizarre

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danny glover museum towerxx.jpg
It's safe to say that Museum Tower is losing its public relations battle against the Nasher Sculpture Center. The Nasher has marshaled support from the city's business and civic elite, successfully casting its neighbor as some hyper-phallic monstrosity bent on scorching anything in its path, while Museum Tower has a handful of teary-eyed residents and Jim.

That might explain the post that showed up on Museum Tower's website last week, but then again, it's pretty inexplicable.

"Museum Tower Prominently Displayed at Nasher, 2008," it announces before directing readers' attention to a truly baffling slideshow featuring a dozen grainy, mostly out-of-focus images featuring well-dressed Nasher supporters standing in front of, and occasionally pointing at, a rendering of the not-yet-built Museum Tower. Like this one:


Why, yes, that is world-renowned composer Philip Glass on the left, clearly bowled over by the elegance of Museum Tower's design. And we're not sure who these people are, but they sure do look important. Note their appreciative gaze as they look at the rendering.


The intended point of the slideshow seems to be that the Nasher and its supporters fawned over Museum Tower back in 2008, when its backers were funding a salon series at the museum, which clearly makes their current opposition hypocritical. Never mind that the tower turned out to be much shinier in real life than in any of the renderings.

In the end, though, the slideshow just raises more tough questions about Museum Tower. Like, did they intentionally frame every photo so as to prominently feature the tower, or did they just pick those ones out after the fact? And who thought this was a good idea? You know Danny Glover isn't terribly relevant, right? Couldn't you have gotten, say, Tyler Perry? Is this middle school? Also, how many people have condos there again?

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JimSX topcommenter

Wow, way to miss the whole point, Eric. These photos are all evidence.  They will come into play when the Nasher takes its case to the Hague, where cases of light crime can be decided according to international law. This story will keep working for us for at least another decade.

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

It's always entertaining when rich folks fight in public.


Isn't Danny Glover getting too old for this shit?


"Never mind that the tower turned out to be much shinier in real life than in any of the renderings."  

Sure.  "Never mind that, Mrs. Lincoln -- what did you think of the play?"

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

Allright ... now its the battle of the dueling celebrities.

One item that I have not seen in any of the reports is the duration of the sunlight glare from the Museum Tower onto the Nasher.  Are we talking about 5, 10, 15 minutes per day?; hours?; all dam# day long?  How about seasonality?

This whole folderol reminds me of when Fina built their office towers at Central and Northwest Highways.  After a while, people got used to it.

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