Micah Hurd, Who Launched Texas' Secession Petition, is in Trouble with the State Guard

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You know Micah Hurd as the 23-year-old UT-Arlington student whose petition for Texas secession gained 120,000 signatures and triggered a yet-to-materialize White House response, and who claimed he would have posted it anyways if Romney were elected.

It was an entertaining gesture, and its entertainment value will no doubt increase if the White House does, in fact, issue a response. But not everyone is amused. Take his higher-ups in the Texas State Guard, of which Hurd is a member.

The Washinton Post reports (h/t Bud Kennedy) that his superiors are none too happy with Hurd's public suggestion that Texas secede from the union.

"Any mention of secession had better happen on a civilian venue, as private citizens registering an opinion," regiment commander Howard Palmer wrote in an e-mail on November 14, according to the Post. "It's only talk, and rather ignorant talk at that. If you've already done something to call attention to yourself or our regiment in this matter, make it go away."

Hurd, of course, can't make it go away. That will only happen once the media inevitably loses attention which, for the most part, they already had.

Hurd's father told the Post that the guard is conducting an investigation in his son's role in the petition. According to the Post, he had been asked to sign an affidavit and stop talking to the press. That request was dropped once the paper began inquiring.

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What the hell is the "State Guard"?


Somehow I just knew he'd be a genius.


I think the funnest part of the whole secede thing ,was all the people that couldn't actually spell it.


The biggest irony of the petition is the large number of "signatures" from people in other states that want us to secede because of idiots like Prick Perry and George W. Bush.

mcdallas topcommenter

@SuperfuzzBigmuff But surely NOT because of Eddie Bernice Johnson or JWP.  We can hold them up as solid examples of representative leadership.

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