Dallasites Find "Dewey Defeats Truman" Paper in Garland Storage Shed


Mary Padian and Moe Prigoff are regular cast members on "Storage Wars: Texas," the Lone Star spinoff of the A&E reality show chronicling the odd souls who bid on the contents of abandoned storage units. He's an antiques dealer, she's a free-spirited collector, and both run shops in the Design District.

In the episode that aired December 2, the pair of them put down $800 for a storage locker in Garland.

Inside, they discovered a copy of the November 3, 1948 edition of the Chicago Tribune, the one that boldly reported "Dewey Defeats Truman." If you don't understand the irony in the headline, go take a remedial U.S. history class.

Tribune reporters were dispatched to destroy evidence of the flub, as the Tribune itself reported today, but they were only partially successful. Quite a few of the 150,000-copy run remain in circulation, a half dozen of which can be found on eBay. More significantly, one of them wound up in the hands of a newly elected Harry Truman. Spotting an opportunity to score points with the "Simpsons"-watching crowd, he held it aloft ala Martin Prince.

Still, they're rare. The Tribune itself didn't have an original copy until 2008, when the paper's new editor bought one for $2,000. At auction, they can go for as much as $4,000, the Tribune reports.

Padian told the paper she's selling her copy to a collector.

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I can't believe you're reporting something that happened on a reality show as if it was real. Newsflash, the items they find are all purchased in advance and then "found" by the cast. Finding rare and valuable items in sold storage lockers doesn't really happen very often. You're a reporter, dig deeper next time. I'm really disappointed. 


I've been ready for yours to be packed for quite some time now. 

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Hee hee.  Sort of reminds me of Ann Romney saying last summer that the Obamas might as well start packing their bags.

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