Anonymous' Barrett Brown Faces Additional Charges Surrounding Hack of Intelligence Firm Stratfor

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Barrett Brown
Last we heard from Barrett Brown was the rambling, mournful letter he wrote from Mansfield Federal Detention Center, where he was taken after his dramatic arrest at his girlfriend's apartment in Dallas.

The feds are making doubly sure he stays there, having filed additional charges today against Brown, who might be described as a spokesman for the loosely organized hacktivist collective Anonymous were the group not so loosely organized.

The new charges stem from a Christmas Day attack against Stratfor, a U.S.-based intelligence gathering firm, in which Anonymous hackers stole some 5.5 million emails, some of which were later published on WikiLeaks. Brown allegedly facilitated the hack by posting a hyperlink in an Internet Relay Chat channel he controlled, thereby providing others access to the credit card information and identities of 5,000 individuals in the Stratfor database.

That's count one: knowingly trafficking in stolen authentication features. Count two alleges that Brown kept at least some of this credit card information for several months in an attempt to defraud the card holders. He is also charged with 10 counts of aggravated identity theft. All told, Brown could face up to 45 years in prison and a $3 million fine on the new counts alone.

Another Anonymous hacker, Jeremy Hammond, has been accused of orchestrating the Stratfor attack and could face life in prison.

Brown is scheduled to go to trial Monday for the original charges, which stemmed from alleged threats against an FBI agent he posted on YouTube and Twitter. I'd expect that to be postponed, but we'll see.

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These guys need to be in the casting call for Dumb and Dumberer 4 or 5, whatever the series is at in the several decades hence when they leave jail.  Sitting in their mothers' basements, they sat and thought (loosely defined) and wondered how do we top threatening a Federal agent?  The answer, always a crowd pleaser in the paranoid 21st Century, is let's hold on to the credit card info we stole and do something, not clear what, that the Feds could paint as using it for gain.  Anybody with IQs above 50 would realize that credit card info is like Kryptonite.  Dump it and scrape every last vestige from your systems. 


Because of the history of abuses of the state and federal grand jury systems in the Northern District of Texas, e.g. derailments of the state and federal grand jury investigations into Baron & Budd, PC's (B&B) multi-billion dollar frauds upon state and federal courts, the investigative team at DO should continue to follow the developments in this case to see if it further evidences a pattern of honest services fraud by prosecutors through the selective prosecution of the enemies of the prosecutors' political cronies, like Brown, and the selective non-prosecution of the prosecutors' political cronies, like former B&B President Fred Baron and B&B Secretary Lisa Blue-Baron.

Is Andrea L. "Puggle" really the name of the federal grand jury foreman, or is this also a cover-up by our "criminal justice" system?

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