A Dallas County Grand Jury Indicted Columbia Packing Co. for Dumping Pig Blood into the Trinity River

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It's been just about a year since aerial photographs revealed a large plume of what turned out to be blood flowing down Cedar Creek and into the Trinity River. The blood came from pigs, specifically pigs that were being slaughtered at a plant run by Columbia Meat Packing Co.

The city's Board of Adjustment soon yanked the plant's certificate of occupancy, shutting the plant down. The subsequent lawsuit filed by Columbia is still winding its way through the system.

Columbia's owners now find themselves in court for another reason. A Dallas County grand jury indicted both Columbia and its owner, Joe Ondrusek, on a half dozen felony pollution counts each, plus two separate counts of evidence tampering. Ondrusek's son Donny was also charged with evidence tampering.

The pollution charges each carries a maximum five years in prison and $100,000 fine. The evidence tampering charges carry a maximum 10 years and $10,000 fine.

The information passed along this afternoon by district attorney's spokeswoman Debbie Denmon gives a general overview of the investigation into the source of the pig's blood but does not provide specific details about how, for example, the Ondruseks are alleged to have tampered with evidence. The pollution charges are a bit more obvious.

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Somebody didn't pay their bribes in time.....


It's very interesting to see how City Hall is being this aggressive with a 30 year polluter at this juncture. Let's see how serious they are in the new year about protecting the Trinity River floodplains, park lands,
and ecosystems from the gas industry. You can bet that this case will be used as an example to the City Council very soon.


@DOCensors @GuitarPlayer @darrd2010 City Hall rezoning that land and selling it Cuban to develop is highly possible, I'll give you that. Given the recent developments over the past few days, more like a guarantee? It still does not alter what I had said earlier, if the City wants to clean up an environmental disaster to raise the bar on the quality of life in Dallas, high fives for them. We plan on reminding them of this in 2013 when they try to allow drilling in the Trinity River floodplain and park land. Because, to allow it, makes all of this current situation a moot point. Maybe City Hall needs to get sued by a resident in order to get their attention and protect the floodplain, park lands, ecosystems. Now, that would be interesting.

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